The Chilling adventures of Sabrina season 1

Title: The Chilling adventures of Sabrina season 1
Actors: Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch, Lucy Davis
Creator: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Episodes: 11
Genre: Horror, Fantasy
My Rating: 3.5/5

About The Chilling adventures of Sabrina season 1

Sabrina is turning 16 and for a normal girl, it means just giving a sweet sixteen party. But not for Sabrina because she is a half-witch. On her 16th birthday, she has to write her name in the book of the beast. She has to give up her freedom for her powers. But she doesn’t want to leave her normal life behind. She wants to have both.


When I was younger I used to watch Sabrina the teenage witch on Nickelodeon (I believe?) all the time and I loved it. That is why I wanted to see this series. This is about the same Sabrina but you can’t compare this with each other. Because the old series about Sabrina was kind of innocent and cute. And I loved this Salem, the talking cat. But this series is so much darker.

And there are a few more differences. They added an extra family member, Ambrose, who is Sabrina’s cousin. And the cat Salem doesn’t really speak. Well, Sabrina can speak with her cat but when only hear a meow. But I think it would have been a bad thing if we could hear Salem talking. This is more serious and darker than Sabrina the teenage witch. There is no time for funny Salem moments.

The first season is more focused on Sabrina’s birthday and that she has to sign the book of the beast. She is a half-witch and in exchange of powers, she has to give up her freedom to the dark lord. Sabrina doesn’t want to give up her freedom yet, because she still wants to hang out with her best friends and boyfriend Harvey.

We also learn that Sabrina doesn’t take a ‘no’ for an answer. If her aunts and cousin that she shouldn’t do it, she does it anyway. But that brings her in a lot of trouble with the high priest. I don’t like the High priest but he has a point that Sabrina has to learn how to behave as a with. She is taking too many risks and she is just 16 years old.

But I still loved it and I already started to watch season 2 of this series.

Things I loved: Prudence, the dark side of this series, Witches in general, a lot of things are happening (=not boring)
Things I didn’t like: Sabrina’s stubbornness, the fact Salem doesn’t really speak in this series.

Have you seen Sabrina on Netflix yet? Did you like it?




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