100 things you can do at home

                                            Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

Almost everyone in the world is spending more and time at home because of Corona. But it is so easy to get bored. So I decided to make a list of 100 things you can do at home. I bet there’s something on this list that you will like.

100 things you can do at home

  1. Read a book
  2. Watch a movie
  3. Start a bullet journal
  4. Take a powernap
  5. Do a work-out
  6. Crafting
  7. Blogging
  8. Start a YouTube channel
  9. 1000 pieces puzzle
  10. Crossword puzzle
  11. Learn to play an instrument
  12. Learn a new language
  13. Write a book
  14. Write a poem
  15. Meditate
  16. Practise Yoga
  17. Facial mask, hair mask etc
  18. Watch cat videos
  19. Play Sims
  20. Make a Vision board
  21. Make a painting
  22. Write a play and film it
  23. Write letters to family or friends
  24. Learn Calligraphy
  25. Play boardgames
  26. Clean your house
  27. Declutter your house
  28. Declutter your closet
  29. Netflix Party
  30. Facetime/Skype
  31. Bake something
  32. Watch oscar winning movies
  33. Animal Crossing
  34. Knit
  35. Crochet
  36. Sing and dance to your favorite songs
  37. Take a (bubble) bath
  38. Make your own cocktail/mocktail
  39. Coloring books
  40. Selfreflection
  41. Find a Pinterest DIY and make it
  42. Photoshoot inside
  43. Re-decorate your room
  44. Go camping in your backyard/living room
  45. Fix something what was broken
  46. Throw away old make-up
  47. Use a foamroller for your muscles
  48. Learn new hairstyles
  49. Make a photobook
  50. Try new healthy recipes
  51. Meal prepping
  52. Make a gratitude list
  53. Drink wine
  54. Write down your financial situation
  55. Indoor scavenger hunt
  56. Dye your hair
  57. Make tiktok videos
  58. Make a to-do list for when Corona is over
  59. Play games
  60. Read comic books
  61. Learn how to play poker
  62. Organise your spice rack (alphabetically)
  63. Learn your dog new tricks
  64. Order from Ikea and take your time to assembling it
  65. Learn a new dancestyle
  66. Play with Lego
  67. Learn Origami
  68. Take care of your plants
  69. Do everything in slow-motion
  70. Sell things online
  71. Learn something extra-ordinary like a magic trick
  72. Make a Spotify list
  73. Follow a make-up tutorial
  74. Write in a diary
  75. Make a to-do list 
  76. Call with your family
  77. Start a book club
  78. Clean up your Instagram following list
  79. Start to grow your own food
  80. Take online classes
  81. Make a tie-dye shirt
  82. Organise your books alphabetically
  83. Watch documentaries
  84. Watch every single episode of your favorite series
  85. Listen to podcasts
  86. Watch YouTube videos
  87. Order clothes online
  88. Write a song
  89. Clean up your phone/laptop
  90. Make a bucket list –> read mine here
  91. Stare a the flame of a candle
  92. Clean your fridge
  93. Picnic inside or in your garden
  94. Try to break a world-record
  95. Stare at the clouds or stars
  96. Hug your pet
  97. Make a selfportrait
  98. Stretch
  99. Make smoothies
  100. Paint your walls



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