Books I read in July 2021

July was a pretty good reading month for me. But I still have a lot of books I still want to read before the end of August. Recently, I made a list of books I want to read this summer. Hopefully, I can read more books in August and I can finish them all. But I am still proud that I read 6 books this month. It is not too bad. I only read in the evening after I come home from work. So I have 1-2 hours every day to read. so 7 books is a pretty good result.

Books I read in July 2021

Cinderella is dead – Kalynn Bayron

cinderella is dead

Sophia likes girls/women and she is in love. But where she lives, the king makes the rules. One of the rules is that every girl finds a man. Well, every girl has to get picked by a man at a ball. If you don’t get picked by the third ball, you will be gone or dead. Nobody really knows what happens to them. Sophia ran away from her first ball and that is when she meets Constance, who is related to the famous Cinderella. Together they want to end the kind and end his stupid anti-women rules.

Most of the books I read were romance books. This was more a dystopian book. I liked it but I have to admit I didn’t love it either. For me, this was just an average book. I liked the ending more than the middle part, which was a bit boring. There were a few nice plot twists though

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Her Royal Highness – Rachel Hawkins

Millie Quint is in love with her best friend and they have been dating for a while now. But then Millie finds her kissing someone else. Millie decides that this is the perfect moment to make her other dream come true. She always wanted to go to a boarding school in Scotland. She has to share the room with a real princess. At first, they don’t stand each other. But during a school challenge, they get to know each other a little bit better. But is life really a fairy tale?

I liked this book a lot. These days I read a lot of romance books about adults, but this was one that was a Young adult. I did really like this one. I finished it in just one day and it was so easy to read. It was cute too. Definitely, a recommendation if you like Young adult books and want to read something cute.

Second first Impressions – Sally Thorne

Second first impressions sally Thorne

Ruthie works and lives at a retirement villa and she is afraid to step out of her comfort zone. Teddy is the opposite, he loves adventures. But now Teddy’s dad forces him to work at the retirement villa and he starts working for two older women who give him the weirdest things to do. Ruthie never has a real relationship and now her colleague is helping her to find the right one. But Teddy is not making it very easy to find someone.

This was a very fun book. I’ve read another book by Sally before, which was ‘the hating game’. That book was more an enemies to lovers books. This one is more friend to lovers and I liked it a lot. Normally I read a lot of enemies to lovers, but it was nice to read something different this time. I really enjoyed reading this one.

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Shipped – Angie Hockman

shipped angie hockman

Graeme and Henley are not exactly enemies, but they are competing for the same promotion. Henley thinks Graeme stole her idea a while ago and now she is afraid he has a better chance to get the promotion. But to get their promotion, they both have to go on one of their cruise ships. They have to find new and better ideas on how they can make the experience better and get more reservations. At first, Henley is really focused on her work and she wants to do it alone. But Graeme tries to convince her to do the fun activities with her.

I really liked this book. It was cute, romantic and very funny. Angie’s writing style reminds me of Jo Watson’s writing style and I really love the books by Jo Watson. This was a perfect summer read.

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The Paris Connection – Lorraine Brown

The Paris connection

Hannah and Si(mon) had a few nice days in Venice, but now they have to go to Amsterdam for a wedding. They took the night train. But Hannah can’t sleep with all of those noises, so she tries to find a quiet place to get some sleep. But she had no idea that one part goes to Paris and the other part goes to Amsterdam. Simon is now on the right train but Hannah is on her way to Paris. Luckily, she is not the only one who made this mistake. Leo made the same mistake. They spend the next few hours together in Paris. Hannah starts to think about her own life and her relationship with Si while hanging out with Leo. Is Si really the right man for her?

I have to be honest so I am going to say that I wasn’t a big fan of this book. Maybe this was my least favourite one. I mean, it was not bad. And I was happy that this wasn’t a book where the character fell in love within a few hours. I also liked that it takes place in Paris and because of this book I want to go back to Paris, but still I didn’t like this book THAT much. It was just okay.

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Accidentally engaged – Farah Heron

accidentally engaged farah heron

Accidentally was a very fun, cosy and romantic read. After reading it, I wanted to start baking too. Reena is still single and her parents are trying to find her a husband. Of course, Reena doesn’t like that. But this time the guy is Nadim and he is also her new neighbour. Reena thinks he is cute, but she doesn’t want to date him. Then the opportunity of her life comes around: a baking competition where she can get the money for the school of her dreams. The only problem is this baking competition is only for couples. So she asks Nadim to pretend they are engaged.

Big Boned – Jo Watson

Big boned was my first e-arc ever and I loved it. This book comes out on the 21st of September and is about Lori Palmer. Lori loves art and she went to an art school, but now they moved houses and she has to go to a normal school. She is very anxious on the first day because, at her last normal school, she got bullied very badly. She went to a different school for a reason. Lori has experienced something very traumatic and now she is afraid something similar will happen again. But then she meets the popular kid of the school Jake and they have something in common and they start to hang out more and more.

It is a book about bullying, fat-shaming, autism and so much more. Definitely a recommendation.



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