Cinderella is dead – Kalynn Bayron

Title: Cinderella is dead
Author: Kalynn Bayron
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Genre: Fantasy, romance
Pages: 400
My Rating 7/10

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Cinderella is dead

Sophia likes girls/women and she is in love. But where she lives, the king makes the rules. One of the rules is that every girl finds a man. Well, every girl has to get picked by a man at a ball. If you don’t get picked by the third ball, you will be gone or dead. Nobody really knows what happens to them. Sophia ran away from her first ball and that is when she meets Constance, who is related to the famous Cinderella. Together they want to end the kind and end his stupid anti-women rules.


After reading this book, I had absolutely no idea how I felt about it. Did I enjoy reading it? Was it okay? I had no idea. I think I now realize that this book was just okay. Nothing less and nothing more. It was just an okay book.

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from it either. I knew it was kind of cinderella related and I knew it was about a girl who was in love with another girl. But I’ve heard people talking about this book before and I remember a lot of people were loving it. Maybe that is why I also had very high expectations. And in my experience most of the time you will be disappointed when you have really high expectations.

Maybe that is why I am not blown away by this book. I mean, I don’t think this book was bad at all. I liked the story and maybe I liked the writing style a little less, but it was still pretty good. If it was really a bad book, then I would have never finished it.
Or maybe it is because I read this book right after reading ‘Her Royal Highness’, which I really loved. And the more I think about this book, the more I start to realize I did enjoy reading it.

Anyway, while I was reading this, I had thought it would be an amazing series or movie. I could picture that. Guess what happened yesterday? I went on Twitter and saw the author of this book says it will become a series/movie. I manifested that really fast, haha. But you know what? I am already excited and I can’t wait to see it. Can I say a name for who is going to play Sophia? I immediately thought of Amandla Stenberg.

Okay, I liked this book but not overwhelmed by it. Which is okay. I would recommend if you like fantasy, the hunger games type of books. Not a lot of romance in it, so if you are looking for that, I would recommend reading something else.



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