Resort to love (2021)

Title: Resort to love
Actors: Christina Millian, Sinqua Walls, and more
Director: Steven K. Tsuchida
Writers: Tabi McCartney, Dana Schmalenberg
Genre: Romance, Drama
My Rating: 6.5/10

Resort to love

Erica decides to sing at a luxury resort for the guests and at weddings. But after a few days at the resort, she finds out she has to sing at the wedding of her ex-fiancé, who dumped her a year ago. Does Jason still have feelings for her? And does Erica have feelings for him or is she ready to move on?


Netflix is publishing a lot of romance movies and you will not hear me complain. This time I watched ‘Resort to love’ and it is another movie with Christina Millian. Last year, ‘Falling Inn Love’ came out, where played a woman who won an Inn on the other side of the world. She finds out the Inn was in a terrible state but with the help of a guy, she starts to renovate it. In ‘Resort to love’ she moves to an island to be a singer at a luxury hotel. But then she finds out that her ex-fiancé is going to marry there at the hotel.

I remember I liked ‘Falling inn love’ but I also remember the acting was a bit cringy at some points. I think Christina did a better job with this movie. It felt more real and less terrible acting. Honestly, this movie was more enjoyable than the other romance movies that came out this summer. I think in a previous movie review I mentioned most of the movies felt like a Hallmark movie. But this was actually better than that. I mean, it is still not the best romance movie I’ve ever seen. But at least it was a lot better than some movies on Netflix.

Alicia Keys was the producer of this movie and yes, you will hear that immediately. Christina sings one of her songs in this movie. I liked the song choices and I wonder if they fixed the singing parts or is Christina Millian really that good at live singing? I mean, I know she was/is a singer too, but I had no idea how she sounded live.

I liked that Erica (Christina Millian) was still supporting them to get married, even when the bride was to be found out. That was really a ‘girl supporting girls’ kind of moment and I loved it. No mean girls and hate, just love. That was really refreshing and also very mature.

This movie is a perfect movie to watch if you like cheesy/predictable movies. A perfect movie to watch on a summer night with friends or alone.



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