The Paris Connection – Lorraine Brown

Title: The Paris connection
Author: Lorraine Brown
Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Genre: Romance
Pages: 336
My Rating: 3/5

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The Paris Connection

Hannah and Si(mon) had a few nice days in Venice, but now they have to go to Amsterdam for a wedding. They took the night train. But Hannah can’t sleep with all of those noises, so she tries to find a quiet place to get some sleep. But she had no idea that one part goes to Paris and the other part goes to Amsterdam. Simon is now on the right train but Hannah is on her way to Paris. Luckily, she is not the only one who made this mistake. Leo made the same mistake. They spend the next few hours together in Paris. Hannah starts to think about her own life and her relationship with Si while hanging out with Leo. Is Si really the right man for her?


Okay, the first thing I noticed is that the author talks about ‘Holland’. Holland and The Netherlands are two different things. The Netherlands is the country and Holland is just a part of it. If the author is really talking about the Holland part of the country, then I am okay with it. Amsterdam is in Holland. But if she is really talking about Holland as a country, and I think she is, then I am disappointed. People (not from the Netherlands) don’t know the difference between The Netherlands and Holland. But I think if you write a book, you should have done the research. Or the publisher should have said something.

But the story is all right. I have to say that the beginning was a bit boring somehow. A few things happened, but I was not really excited to pick this book up again and read more. In my opinion, that means that this book is definitely not my favourite book ever. But the story got better and better and it got more interesting at the end. What I liked is that they weren’t saying: ‘I love you after just spending a few hours together. Because I hate when that happens because it is not realistic.

I love Paris, so I love that this story takes place in Paris. It reminded me of my time in Paris and I really want to go back after reading this book. Paris is such a magical place. So it did give me those happy feelings eventually. And that is why I read books. I want to read things that make me feel inspired or happy.

Would I recommend this book? Maybe when someone asks about books taking place in Paris. When they ask for my own personal favourite books, then probably not. I mean, the book is not bad. I liked that it gave me happy vibes. But some parts were just too long maybe. And her writing style is okay, but I can name a few authors with a better writing style (in my opinion). But the story is nice and there were a few twists. I liked that too. This book is all right if you are looking for a romance book that takes place in Paris, the most romantic city on earth.

But I was still a little disappointed and maybe even annoyed because she used Holland instead of The Netherlands. Unless she was really talking about the area that is called Holland.



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