Accidentally engaged – Farah Heron

Title: Accidentally engaged
Author: Farah Heron
Publisher: Little Brown Book Group
Pages: 368
Genre: Romance
My Rating: 9/10

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Accidentally engaged

Reena is thirty-plus and she is still single, so her parents love to find her the perfect Muslim husband. But she doesn’t like when they interfere with her love life. Yes, she would love to have a boyfriend, but she wants to find him. This time her parents found Nadim and now he is also her neighbour. But Reena decides she doesn’t want to date him.
But then she finds out about a baking competition and she wants to compete. But this competition is only for couples, so she asks Nadim to pretend they are engaged.


I think this was one of my favourite books of July. I really enjoyed reading it. And I am so happy that I decided to read more books from authors I’ve never heard of. Okay, I think this book is pretty popular right now, so maybe it was not a huge risk.
But you never know if you will like a certain book. You just have to try it. And sometimes-popular books are just overhyped.

The thing I liked the most about this book was the baking. First of all, I thought it was a nice detail to include two recipes at the end of this book. Maybe I will try it one day. Second, while I was reading I wanted to start baking too. It was such a cosy book. I couldn’t wait until I was home so I could snuggle up and read this book. This was also one of those books I couldn’t put down. Which is a good thing obviously.

This book has everything: it was entertaining, funny, cute and emotional. And Reena’s family have a lot of secrets too and one by one you will get to know these (not so little) secrets. There was definitely chemistry between Reena and Nadim, which is the most important thing in this book because it is a romance book. Without chemistry, a romance book would be a boring book.

I read a lot of romance, but I don’t think I’ve ever read something that is similar to this one. Romance books give me a happy feeling, this one too but it was more a cosy happy feeling. Probably because of the baking and all that. I am a huge fan of The Great British Bake-off (and the Dutch version) it. So it makes sense I loved this book. Honestly, I can’t remember one thing I didn’t like about this book. Of course, I am the kind of person who never gives a book 10/10 or a 5/5 rating. So a 9 out of 10 is really good. I only give a 10 out of 10, when I still think about a book a few days later because I liked the book so much. That is the reason why it takes a few days before I put my reviews on my blog.

If you want to read something cosy, I would definitely recommend this book. This is the perfect book for the upcoming cosy season (I am talking about autumn obviously). It is also very romantic. If you love TGBBO just like me and you love romance, read this book!



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