Wishlist for Christmas 2022

It is the beginning of December and that means Christmas is around the corner. A lot of people celebrate Christmas by giving gifts to each other. I have always celebrated Christmas without gifts, but that does not mean a woman can’t dream about having certain things right? Maybe I will buy these for myself one day or maybe I am just lucky and something will surprise me with one of these things.

Some people always have a very long wishlist, but that is not me. It also takes a while before I put things on my wishlist except for books. I want to be sure if I am going to wear it or use it. So maybe I will find this wishlist again in April next year and if I still want it, I probably buy it for myself.

Wishlist for Christmas 2022

Christmas books: This is just one of the books I want to read. I am extremely picky when it comes to buying other things, but when it comes to books I go crazy. I have so many books I still want to read, it is insane. I think a lot of great books I want to read were released this November. But I definitely want to buy a couple and read them during my holiday break.
Boots: There is one thing I almost never buy and that is shoes. I never order shoes online because I want to be sure they are comfy and look really nice. But I am the kind of person who does not care about shoes. I need maybe two pairs. You can only wear one pair at the same, so why buy 100 pairs?
Bed table for laptop: I am going, to be honest and say it is definitely getting colder and it makes me want to stay in bed for longer. I am even writing this blog post from my bed on a Saturday morning. But I think a table like this on the bed would be nice. Maybe I can also use it for a breakfast in bed, although I don’t really eat in bed. But I can also use it for watching movies.
Plants: I think this is more of a thing for next year when the Christmas tree is gone. Every year after Christmas, the room looks so boring and empty. So I would love to buy a few plants. Maybe this time, I would like to buy a few new succulents/cacti. Those are cute and they come is all shapes, sizes, and colors.
Rings: There was a time when I was wearing a lot of rings, but for some reason, I stopped wearing them. I also realized that I think I am now more of a gold person. I used to wear silver all the time, but I have a feeling that gold might look better on me. So I want to look for cute minimalistic rings. I know Primark always has rings like that, so maybe I will make a trip to the city.
Necklaces: The other day I was watching Netflix and I think I was watching ‘One of us is lying‘ and I noticed something because everyone was wearing necklaces and I realized it really completes the look. That was the moment I also want to look for cute necklaces. Maybe I can find those at the primark too.

This is my wishlist for Christmas 2022. Do you have a wishlist this year, if yes what is on your wishlist?



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