Happy little moments of November 2022

How is it already December already? It is the end of the year, but it feels like 2022 just started just a few weeks ago. It is crazy how time flies. November was a pretty good month. I was more focused on self-care and self-growth, and I was trying to have fun a little more. This year, I was too focused on work at some points and so far I haven’t taken a day off this year.

Happy little moments of November

– Started decorating for Christmas. It is the most wonderful time of the year. I am not the only one, some people really go overboard with decorations this year.
– Definitely appreciate those days more when I turn on the heating again with these gas prices.
– Using hot water bottles to keep me warm in the evening. Best thing ever. It was pointless to turn the heating on for an hour.
– Started to read more toward the end of the month. This is great because I really enjoy reading and I can’t wait to read a ton of Christmas-themed books in December.
– New Christmas movies on Netflix. Netflix started to release new Christmas movies and I am all here for it. So far I’ve watched three of those Christmas movies and my favorite one was definitely ‘Noel Diary’.
– Reading ‘The Spanish love deception’. What a great book that was!
– Starting a new Netflix series. I have noticed that I watched more series this month on Netflix. I’ve watched season 2 of ‘One of us is lying‘ and I started to watch ‘Wednesday’.
– A lot of cat cuddles. Do I really have to explain why this is so great?
– Making plans for Christmas. Still not sure what we are going to eat though.
– Pretty warm for the time of the year. I like warm weather, so I was pretty happy that the first half was pretty warm. Later it got colder.

My plans for December

In December I am finally taking some time off. For the first time this year, I don’t have to work and I can do whatever I want I do have a couple of plans:

– Go to a Christmas market
– Read tons of Christmas-themed books
– Thrift shopping and shopping for Christmas. It’s been a while since I went to the thrift stores, maybe I find something cool.
– Maybe some baking
– Celebrating the holidays and enjoying my days off.

Photo by Ruvim Noga on Unsplash



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