One of us is lying | Season 2 Review

Title: One of us is lying season 2
Actors: Annalisa Cochrane, Marianly Tejada, Chibuikem Uche, and more
Director: Ben Semanoff, Roxanne Benjamin, and more
Writers: Karen M. McManus, Erica Saleh, and more
Genre: Drama, Mystery
My Rating: 8/10

Watching season 2 of One of us is lying on Netflix

One of us is lying | Season 2

Season 1 ended with Jake dead. But instead of going to the police, the so-called murder club (Addy, Cooper, Janae, Bronwyn, and Nate) knew it would look really bad. The police were convinced they killed Simon because they were there when Simon died. So instead, they decided to get rid of the body. They thought everything would return to normal after they killed him, but that is not true. They are receiving messages from Simon Says and they have to do the weirdest things from this person. But who is it? Who is stalking and sending them messages?


It felt like season one was just a few months ago, but it actually came out more than a year ago. How time flies when you’re having fun. And now they are back. Even though it felt season 1 came out just a few months ago, I completely forgot the ending. But Netflix did not show a compilation of the first season, which was disappointing. I knew that Netflix always made a short compilation to refresh your memory. Now I had to go back to the last episode to see how it ended.

I also remember that I was not the biggest fan of season 1. That was mostly because I read the first book and the first season was different. They had changed a couple of things, so it was annoying. I believe there are more books in this series. I am not even sure, because I haven’t read them. But if there are other books in this series, I am happy I did not read them. I stopped comparing the series to the book, which is crucial to enjoying the series. It is not a bad series, but the storyline is a bit different.

This series has a huge Pretty little liars vibe. I really like it though. It makes you want to binge-watch the whole series in just one day. And even after watching the whole second season, I can’t wait for season 3. It ended with a huge cliffhanger. I am still thinking about the ending and I think maybe they think they caught the person behind ‘Simon Says’ but what if this person had to pretend she was Simon Says? What if the real one is still out there and was threatening her? I believe everything is possible and hopefully, we will find out. Netflix is known for canceling shows, even though they ended with a cliffhanger. That is literally the worst way to end a series and this definitely upsets people. If they will do this all the time, they might even lose subscribers because of that. I am okay if they end a series, but it needs a proper ending.

I am happy Maeve is getting more screen time, she is the coolest in my opinion. She is also really smart. And I loved that plot twist at the end of the season with her. That was an incredible move from the writers and I was in shock when that happened. I am sorry I am being super vague, but I just don’t want to give spoilers.

So yes, I definitely enjoyed season 2 more than the first one, mostly because I stopped comparing it to the books. And yes, I am pretty excited about the next season. I think it will be amazing. I think this is the perfect series for all of the fans of Pretty little liars.



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