The Spanish love deception – Elena Armas | Book Review

Title: The Spanish love deception
Author: Elena Armas
Publisher: Atria
Genre: Romance
Pages: 448
My Rating: 9/10

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The Spanish love deception

Catalina (aka Lina) Martin needs a date for her sister’s wedding soon because she does not want to go to Spain alone. Her family still pities her after what happened at the end of her last relationship. Plus, she already told her family she would bring her American boyfriend to the wedding. The only problem is that she can’t find anyone who is willing to pretend to be her boyfriend.
Except for one person, Aaron Blackford volunteers when he heard the conversation between Catalina and her best friend Rosie. But the problem is that Catalina does not like Aaron and she is sure he does not like her either. So she also has no idea why he volunteers to be her fake boyfriend. But Catalina is desperate and Aaron seems to be the only option.


I bought this book a few months ago and I really wanted to read it, but somehow I made excuses to not read it. But I finally picked it up at the end of November and before I even knew it, I finished the book. I had high expectations because all I heard were good things about this book. But I am so happy it lived up to my highest expectations.

This book was exactly what I needed. Before this book, I was reading ‘Yes No Maybe so‘ by Becky Albertalli, which wasn’t my kind of book, to be honest. I needed a spicy love story and this book was the right one to choose for that. 

Seriously, If I ever find a man like Aaron I would never let him go. How he cared for Catalina when she fainted and after that is incredible. Seriously, I think it is kind of sexy when a man also takes care of someone else. That is so attractive. So Aaron definitely stole my heart. I am just hoping I am keeping my eyes open and seeing the signs because Catalina was not getting the little hints. Even before she agreed to the fake boyfriend situation, he was already so nice to her and everything. The extra things he did for her. Catalina was too blind to see it. Maybe she was blinded by her own problems and this fake boyfriend situation too. 

This book made me happy and hopeful. Sometimes you need that shitty relationship to find the right one. Towards the end, it gets pretty steamy too, perfect for the colder days. I liked the writing style and I just could not put it down. I finished it in two days and I had to read it during my breaks and in the evening too. I definitely want to read more books like this.

This book has enemies to lovers + a fake dating trope, which I love. Although, there were not really enemies, to be honest. Aaron fell in love almost immediately. I just found out that Elena Armas also wrote ‘The American roommate experiment’ book, which is also still on my wishlist and I am definitely putting it on top of that list. I probably want to read it in 2023, for now, I am going to read Christmas-themed books until the New Year. But I can highly recommend this book. It has humor, a lot of romance, and the perfect guy in my eyes.



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