Little happy things of September 2022

Can you believe it is already October again? It feels like 2022 just started a few weeks ago, but 2023 is actually just 3 months away. September was a pretty weird month for me. A lot of crazy stuff happened and I was pretty busy this month, so that is why my little happy things list is a bit smaller this time. But there were still things that caught my eye or movies and books that I’ve read and seen that were pretty cool.

Happy little things of September

– The movie ‘Look both ways‘ was really great and I loved the concept of this movie.
– The movie ‘Do Revenge‘ was great too. I think Netflix is finally making better (romance) movies. I always thought their horror/action were better quality. But I wanted to see better romance/girls movies. This movie was a mix of mean girls and Clueless.
– Read ‘You and me on vacation‘ by Emily. I thought I would not like this one because I also did like her other books that much, but I was surprised I actually loved this one.
– Another great book I read was ‘Sunrise on the coast‘ by Lilac Mills. It made me daydream a little.
– Summer is over and autumn season is definitely. We actually went from 30 to 10 degrees in just a few weeks if not days. It is suddenly very cold. But nature looks really beautiful too.
– Found a new winter coat. I already have one, but I decided to buy another one in case the other one gets wet. I found this new coat at the thrift store for 10 euros.
– Cows in the fog. When I went home from work, I saw cows standing in the fog and they looked very pretty.
– Ending the month with a hot chocolate + chocolate muffin
– Listening to Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift (evermore + folklore) helped me a lot to concentrate on my work. Some kinds of music can really distract you, but these two artists can help me to focus even better.

Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash



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