Stuck with you – Ali Hazelwood | Book review

Title: Stuck with you
Author: Ali Hazelwood
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Pages: 127
My Rating: 7/10

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Stuck with you

Sadie is on her way home from work, late in the evening when she gets stuck in the elevator. But she is not there alone. Eric, her nemesis, is there too. They met three weeks ago, but since that night, they haven’t talked to each other. Eric thinks it is because of what happened that night, but he is wrong. Sadie is angry at him for a different reason.


This is the second book I read from the little trilogy. Although, it does not matter which e-book you read first. You can also start with this one if you want. The three main characters in the three books are best friends, but they don’t live near each other. But they call each other from time to time, so the other girls’ names will be mentioned in this book too. But it is not like you get a lot of information about their lives. They have their own book.

I really like short stories like these. Sometimes I am just not in the mood for a longer story and I just want to read something that I could finish in a few hours. I have to say these books by Ali Hazelwood might not be for everyone, because it has steamy parts and it very detailed. I like to describe this as Porn in book form. But I am not afraid I like to read this. I am a sucker for a good love story. But like I said, not everyone will like that.

The story itself was pretty predictable too, like always in romance books. Romance books are all about the love story and how the two meet and how fall in love with each other. Sadie and Eric fall in love very quickly, as they meet in the morning and in the evening they have a date and have sex. Of course, having sex does not always mean loving someone. But no, Eric used those words. In ‘Under one roof‘ Mara lives with Liam for a while before they fall in love.

I saw someone talking about how Ali Hazelwood always uses the same ingredients for her books. I am not sure what kind of ‘ingredients’ she was talking about. But she did not like they were all the same basically. Honestly, I was afraid I would feel the same way, but I did not. I think in one way or another romance books are all the same. They meet, they kiss, they fight and get back together again. I think most romance books are like that. I just read them because they make me happy. And this book made me happy.

Likes and dislikes

Things I liked about this book:
– Cute love story
– Very short, but I liked that sometimes

Things I did not like about this book:
– The word ‘soccer’. As a European, I hate this word.



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