What is the Miracle Morning?

Maybe you have heard of the Miracle morning before. Hal Elrod came with this morning routine years ago and he also wrote about it in his book ‘The miracle morning‘. But what is the miracle morning? It is a morning routine and it is supposed to be life-changing. My own morning routine is a bit messy at this moment and I definitely need a little bit more structure in the morning. So I am definitely going to try this. In this blog post, I will be explaining what the Miracle morning is and what the rules are.

What is the Miracle Morning

According to Hal Elrod you should wake up one hour earlier every single day to do this routine. And this is not going to be easy, especially when you are already struggling with waking up in the morning. But it will get easier eventually, even on the weekends.

There are 6 steps in this morning routine and they are very easy to remember because Hal calls them (life) SAVERS. And each step does not take long, just 5-10 each step.
– Silence
– Affirmations
– Visualization
– Exercise
– Reading
– Scribing

I’ve heard this before, but the first thing you should do in the morning is to meditate. It is the perfect way to start the day. You don’t have a lot of thoughts when you just woke up. So find a spot to meditate for a few minutes. Don’t do this in bed, because you might fall asleep again. So create a space where you sit in silence and meditate. You can set a timer or maybe you can find meditation music on YouTube. There are a lot of short meditation music videos on YouTube. Maybe that will help you to meditate.

If you hear something every single day, you will start to believe it. Just think about those moments when people your age told you that you were ugly. At some point, you started to believe it. Or maybe those people told a different lie about you. But it also works in the opposite way. If you tell yourself that you are beautiful and a great person, you start to believe it. There are tons of affirmations you could find on Google/Pinterest. I would recommend affirmations that start with ‘I AM’. Write these affirmations down and put them on your mirror, so you see them every day too.

Visualizing is a very powerful tool. I’ve heard many people talking about they visualize in the morning and visualize how their day should go. Or maybe you have a big goal/dream you want to achieve, you can also visualize that every day. When you are visualizing, try to use your senses too. Make it so real in your head, that it actually feels real.

You’ve been sleeping for hours and it is time to wake your body up. You can do yoga, stretch, dance or do a short workout. You have around 10 minutes for this step too, so don’t go out for a run. This is just to wake yourself up and put yourself in a good mood. If you wake up early, make sure you are not trying to wake someone else. So if you need music, maybe use headphones/earpods.

This whole routine is about feeling good and to start your day in a good mood. So with this step, I am not talking about reading a horror story. I would recommend reading self-help books. Some of those books have short chapters you can read in 5-10 minutes. One of my favourites at this moment is ‘Good life, good vibes‘ by Vex King. The chapters in this book are really short, which also gives you time to think about the things he writes.

Now it is time to write and you can write about anything. Maybe you have something on your mind, maybe you’re struggling or maybe you just want to write about your goals. You can also talk about your goals and pretend it already happened. Just like visualization, but this time you’re writing it down. Or maybe you can make a list of things you are grateful for. This will also help you to focus on the positive side of life. At first, it might be hard to focus on the happy things in your life, but after a while, it gets easier. In every situation, there is something good and bad you can focus on. It is all about your perspective.

After reading this blog, are you going to try this miracle morning routine? I think I am going to give it a try, but I think I will start with the short version of 30 minutes (so 5 minutes for each step) instead of 60 minutes.



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