Reasons you should watch ‘Look both ways’ on Netflix

There is a new movie on Netflix called ‘look both ways.’ I’ve already watched it and was unsure what to expect from this movie, but I liked it a lot! That is why today I am giving you a few reasons to watch Look both ways on Netflix.

What is this movie about?
Look both ways is about Natalie and the movie starts when she is at a college graduation party. She is afraid she is pregnant. Cara her best friend is with her when she takes the pregnancy test. Then the movie splits up in two different directions. One storyline is about what happens when Natalie is actually pregnant and the storyline shows what happens when it is just a false alarm. You see how she will struggle in both storylines and who she ends up with eventually.

Reasons why you should watch ‘look both ways’

Interesting concept
I can’t remember I have seen something similar in my entire life, but I liked it. Although, the IMDB page mentioned it is similar to ‘Sliding doors’ movie from 1998. But also I’ve had moments in my life when I wonder what would have happened if I decided to go in a different direction. This movie is not really about a choice. It is about whether being pregnant or not will change Natalie’s life and you get to see both ways. I really like that. I wish we could see our future like that in real life before making a decision. Maybe it would make certain choices easier or something. Every decision you make in life has a direct impact on your life path. Which is kind of scary but it is also very cool if you think about it.

It is easy to follow
You might think it is hard and confusing to have two completely storylines in one movie, but it was actually very easy to follow. The makers used a warmer tone for the not-pregnant storyline and a cooler storyline for the pregnant storyline. I think they picked the cooler tones for the pregnant storyline because she does not want to be pregnant and not because pregnancy is a bad thing.

It was realistic
As I mentioned above they used warmer colours for the not-pregnant storyline because Natalie did not want to be pregnant at all. She has a 5-year plan, she has big dreams. But that does not mean that this storyline is going to be a perfect life. It is still a very realistic movie. Everyone has their ups and downs, no matter what kind of life path they are on. Natalie was struggling with other things in this storyline. She had an idea of who she wanted to be in her mind and when life did not turn out like that, she was struggling. But no matter what kind of decision you make, you will always have your ups and downs in life. It is natural.

Uplifting movie
And while Natalie has her struggles in both storylines, it is still a very uplifting movie. Mother Natalie/ Career Natalie gets their happy ending. And you know what, I did not even care who she ended up with. I just wanted her to be happy. I was just happy that everything would be okay in the end and eventually she was happy in both of the storylines.

Acting was good
The main characters were great actors and both were very believable. Natalie had basically two roles. One role was about chasing her career and the other one was being a mom. She did great in both roles. It is a very light-hearted movie. Although I have to admit I did not think Natalie’s dad was a great actor. It was just unbelievable and over the top. It was mostly awkward when he was talking, especially at the beginning of the movie.



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