You and me on vacation – Emily Henry | Book review

Title: You and me on vacation
Author: Emily Henry
Publisher: Penguin UK
Pages: 368
Genre: Romance, Drama
My Rating: 8.5/10

Note: This book is called ‘You and me on Vacation’ in the U.K. and in Europe. But this book is called ‘People we meet on vacation’ in the United States.

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You and me on vacation

Poppy Wright has a job that a lot of people would like to have. She can travel the world for her work and to write about holiday destinations. But she during the summer, she goes on trips with her best friend Alex. They met on the first day of college, although it took a few months before they became friends. Now they are inseparable during the summer. Their last trip was two years ago and they don’t talk to each other anymore. Poppy thinks it is time to talk about what happened in Croatia two years ago and invites him on a trip.


This is the third book written by Emily Henry that I’ve read. Not too long ago I read ‘Beach read’ and ‘Book lovers‘. Maybe you have read my reviews about those two books. If you did, you might remember I was not the biggest fan of those two books. I mean, they were okay but not great. I was just not feeling it or something. I thought it was lacking something. I already bought ‘You and me on vacation’ by then. But after reading those books, I was afraid I would not like this book either. I still gave it a shot because otherwise, it would have been a waste of money.

I knew I said I would probably never buy another book by Emily Henry again, but now I am not so sure anymore. Because I really liked this book a lot. The whole book was just amazing in my opinion. I loved the flashbacks to their trips years ago. I was feeling the chemistry between Alex and Poppy. In the beginning, you learn pretty quickly that something happened in Croatia two years ago, but you have to keep reading the whole book before you knew what exactly happened. I did not want to stop reading it. If I had the time to finish it in one afternoon, I would have. It was great.

And now I am a bit confused because I did not like those other two books that much. So should I try her new book ‘Happy place’ or not? From some authors, I immediately know I will love their books, but now it feels like a gamble. I think I am going to read other books first before trying her new book and make up my mind.

Also, I think I have read another book about Poppy Wright. I don’t remember exactly what book it was, but the name sounds so familiar. I am convinced another author used the same name for her main character. But to be honest, it did not bother me that much. And maybe it is a common name in the United States.

But if I have to recommend a book by Emily Henry to you, it would be this one. This is by far my favourite. The build-up was very nice. It made me laugh, and blush and it broke my heart for a second. But that means I really liked this book. This book also makes you daydream about taking trips. At least, I started daydreaming about taking city trips while reading this book. I can highly recommend reading this book. For the Americans, this book is called ‘People we meet on vacation’ in the U.S. Which is a bit confusing because at first I thought they were two different books. They both have different covers too. But honestly, I do prefer the European title.




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