Happy little things | October 2022


Happy little things

– Found the perfect tree topper for my Christmas tree at the thrift store
– I also found a new very comfy jumper at the thrift store for only 4 euros!
– I like Taylor Swift’s new album. So far I only liked ‘evermore’ and ‘folklore’ and I had no idea what to expect. But I like most of the songs on this album.
– A pretty warm October. At the end of October, it was 20+ degrees, which is rare for where I live. But I definitely enjoyed it. Although, it felt weird walking outside in a shirt at this time of the year.
– I also got a few clothing items from a family member. She did not fit them (ordered them in the wrong size) and I got them.
– A few thunderstorms. I love thunderstorms. We did not have a lot of thunderstorms during the summer months, but at the end of October, we had a few. 
– I created a new morning routine, which is basically listening to music. But starting your day the right way really makes a difference.
– I bought new books that I want to read in November. I also have a super long list of Christmas books that I still want to read. Click here to see what books I bought.
– Went Christmas shopping. It is almost time to decorate my Christmas tree and I wanted to see what the stores were selling this year. There is definitely a trend this year because there were a lot of ornaments in the shape of junk food (pizza, fries, etc.)
– Bought the first Kruidnoten of the year. It is a Dutch snack they sell between September – the beginning of December. It is a part of a Dutch holiday, which is on 5 December. They come in a lot of flavors and they taste so good!
– Met new amazing people in October. I work at an international company and they are now hiring people who speak English. So it is also a great way to improve my English.
The school for good and evil was a fun movie. One of my favorites I’ve watched this month. (Read review)
– My favorite books this month were ‘Stuck with you‘ and ‘Below zero‘ both by Ali Hazelwood.

Things I am looking forward to in November

– Decorating the Christmas tree. When Halloween is over, I start decorating for Christmas.
– Watching the world cup, although I have mixed feelings about it.
– It is probably getting colder now and I am definitely going to stay home a little bit more often. I can’t wait to read all of the books I want to read.

Photo by Samuel Bryngelsson on Unsplash



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