Below zero – Ali Hazelwood | Book review

Title: Below Zero
Author: Ali Hazelwood
Publisher: Ali Hazelwood
Genre: Romance
Pages: 139
My Rating: 9/10

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Below Zero

Hannah was one of those kids who got a lot of detention, but one day she was watching a NASA project and became obsessed. She now had a goal in her life. She started to work hard. In school, she interviews Ian, Mara’s cousin or something (they actually have no idea). During this interview, they both feel attracted to each other. But Hannah lets him know that she does not really date. Five years later, Hannah is working on her project when she falls into a crevasse, Ian is there too to help her. Then Hannah realizes she might have feelings for Ian.


I now have read all three books of this e-book trilogy. And I am thinking about which book I do prefer. I think the first book ‘Under one roof‘ and this one were my favourites. I also liked ‘Stuck with you‘ but I think that was my least favourite one. Although, in this book, there were a lot of terms I have never heard of. English is not my first language, so every time I read new English technical words I feel lost. Based on the whole story, I like ‘Under one roof’ better, but when I just look at how they meet and their love stories, I think I prefer this one.

It was really nice to read a book I could finish in two hours. Sometimes I am not in the mood to read a big book, so this book was just perfect. Also perfect when you have to travel, although there are a few spicy moments in Ali Hazelwood’s books, so don’t read this if you don’t want to blush in public. I also liked the idea that Mara, Hannah and Sadie are best friends and they all have their own books. I really like that.

Secretly, I am hoping that maybe one day Ali Hazelwood is going to write another trilogy like this one. Because I liked them. I love a good love story (with spicy moments) and a happy ending. But if Ali is going to write more short stories/books like these, I will definitely buy them. So far I have read every book by Ali, except her latest book ‘Love on the brain’. But it is definitely on my wishlist. Her books are just so easy to read and you just don’t want to stop. Her books are not too slow-paced, which can be a bit boring sometimes.

Ali also made thermal underwear sound very sexy and attractive, which is hard to do. In my opinion, thermal underwear is the opposite of sexy. I also like that Ali writes about smart girls. I have read a lot of romance books. Half of them are women who are moving to a different city/country and just trying to get any job they want. Most of those jobs are cleaning jobs, stereotypical jobs for women. Nothing wrong with that, but it is nice to read about smart women too. These three women work at a place with mostly guys. When I was a student, there were also just me and three other girls. The rest were guys too. I could definitely relate.



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