Book haul October 2022 | + Video

It is the end of October and in the last couple of days I’ve bought new e-books, so it is time for another book haul. This time I got 7 romance books, including 2 Christmas books. It is almost November and that is the time when I start to get into the Christmas mood. I start watching Christmas movies and reading Christmas books. I am so excited to read all of these books. I am the most excited for ‘We met in December’ by Rosie Curtis. I can’t wait to read that one!

Book haul October 2022

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We met in December – Rosie Curtis
Jess is following her dream and moving to London and she is taking a room in a flat in Notting Hill with four strangers. On her first night, she meets Alex, the guy sharing her floor. Jess can definitely feel the connection between her and Alex. She tries to spend more time together with him. But suddenly after Christmas, Alex started dating someone else. Now Jess faces a year of bumping into the man of her dreams and the woman of his. | Buy on Amazon 

25 days in December – Poppy Alexander
Kate Potter used to be happy. A few years ago, she was full of energy and excitement. But that was before her husband went away with the army and never came home. Then she meets Daniel and she tries to get him out of his shell. But the more time they spend together, the happier Kate is feeling. | Buy on Amazon

Until I met you – Amber Rose Gill
It was meant to be the holiday of a lifetime for Samantha. The launch of her travel blog, her best friend’s wedding, and hopefully her own marriage proposal. But then she finds herself on her way to Tobago, single. Roman is starting a new life in Tobago. He does not need a distraction, especially not someone like Samantha. | Buy on Amazon

The wrong suitcase – Laura Jane Williams
Izzy is going to Italy for the wedding of the year and couldn’t be more excited. Sam is having a terrible day on the morning of his best friend’s wedding. And when he opens his suitcase, it is full of bikinis and make-up. Izzy’s suitcase is full of men’s shirts. When they try to meet up and switch the suitcases, sparks fly. | Buy on Amazon

Summer’s lease  (The Shakespeare Sisters 1 ) – Carrie Elks
I found three new book series I wanted to try. The Shakespears sisters is the first book series I would like to read. Cesca Shakespeare has hit rock bottom. She just lost her crappy job and will lose her flat soon. Her fairy godfather offers her a free summer holiday in a beautiful Italian villa. Hollywood star Sam Carlton needs a place to hide out. He is going to stay at his family’s house on Lake Como. But when he arrives, he realizes he is not alone. | Buy on Amazon

Most eligible billionaire (billionaires of manhattan 1) – Annika Martin
Vicky walks her neighbor’s dog a lot. When her neighbor dies, she is surprised to find out that she is leaving the corporation worth billions leaves to Smuckers the dog. And her neighbor gave Smuckers to Vicky. Henry, the neighbor’s son does not trust Vicky and thinks she is a thief. Henry does not want to listen to what Vicky has to say. Vicky thinks he is arrogant. | Buy on Amazon

No Judgements (little bridge island 1) – Meg Cabot
Twenty-five-year-old Bree has already escaped one storm (her emotionally abusive ex), so she is not worried at first when she hears a hurricane is on its way to little bridge island. But Bree also loves animals and she is worried about them. So she wants to save them, but she can’t do it alone. So she accepts help from her boss’s sexy nephew Drew, the most notorious heartbreaker. | Buy on Amazon



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