The school for good and evil | Netflix movie review

Title: The school for good and evil
Actors: Sophia Anne Caruso, Sofia Wylie, Jamie Flatters
Director: Paul Feig
Writers: David Magee, Paul Feig, Soman Chainai
Genre: Family, Action
My Rating: 8/10

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The school for good and evil

Sophie and Agatha are best friends and they live in a small town where everyone thinks they are freaks. One day they hear about this school for good and evil. Sophie thinks it sounds like a great place and she makes a wish. She wants to go to the school of good. But one night, a big bird abducts Sophie and Agatha from their little town and drops them at the school for good and evil. But Sophie was being dropped at the school for evil, while Agatha was dropped at the school for good. Both of them think someone has made a terrible mistake.


I have never heard of the books or read them, so I had no background information about this story. I only saw a few short clips of the movie and it looked pretty cool. Sophie is a beautiful blond girl who has to go the school for Evil. While everyone called Agatha a witch, she has to go to school for good. Everyone thinks there has made a mistake. Even the people at school think they have been switched. In my opinion, I think Sophie is just perfect for a villain. She looks amazing. The moment when she decided to give herself a makeover, her outfits slayed. I loved them. While in normal life, I prefer the good people, in movies I sometimes like the villain. Most of the time, their vibe is just cool and I had the same thing with Sophie.

But I was also rooting for Agatha, because I definitely agreed with her and she was just not a princess, she was a queen. She was wiser than the adults in the movie. Maybe because she had to take care of her mother.

Some people were trying to compare this movie with Harry Potter. I think you should never compare movies. Because if you liked the Harry Potter movies and you are expecting something similar, you might be disappointed after watching this. In my opinion, this movie is not better than Harry Potter. The CGI looked a bit fake at the beginning of the movie. That was a disappointment. The music was all right, but not spectacular.

As I mentioned, I have not read the books. I have read comments from people saying that the books are better than the movie. The movie was missing some information that was in the books apparently. Since I have not read the books, I don’t share that opinion. Although, I can agree that most of the time books are better than the movies. But right now, I can not compare it to the books. Without reading the books, I actually enjoyed the movie. Yes, the movie is pretty long (2,5 hours) but it did not feel like that at all. It was over before I even knew it. The movie does not only contain great costumes and a magical vibe, it also contains a little bit of humor.

I have the feeling that there will be a second movie about the school for good and evil because the movie has an open ending. And to be honest, I am looking forward to it. These days I am not really into horror movies anymore, but around Halloween, I still want to see something magical. And this movie was just perfect for it and even though this movie is not a Christmas one, I definitely can see this as something you could watch during the holidays. As I said, it looks a bit magical. Although, I would not watch it with younger kids. It contains violence.



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