Coming home to Glendale Hall – Victoria Walters | Book Review

Title: Coming home to Glendale Hall
Author: Victoria Walters
Publisher: Hera
Genre: Christmas, Romance
Pages: 363
My Rating: 7.5/10

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Coming home to Glendale Hall

Beth got pregnant when she was 16 years old and ran away from her home after her grandmother told her she needed an abortion. Beth ended up in London and has been living with her daughter ever since. When her daughter Izzy turned one year old, she wrote Drew, the father of Izzy and the love of her life, a letter to tell him he is the father but he never responded. This Christmas Beth and Izzy are coming back to Glendale Hall because her grandmother is dying and they want to spend one Christmas together. But coming back brings back a lot of memories.


I have been following Victoria Walters on Instagram for a few years now and at first, I had no idea she wrote books. But later, when I found out, I decided to put the first book in this book series on my wishlist. I bought the e-book a while ago, but I wanted to wait until the Christmas season since this book is definitely about Christmas.

I am also a big fan of Gilmore Girls and I have watched all of the episodes many times. When I was reading this book, I noticed there were a few similarities. Beth got pregnant at a young age and ran away from her family, and Lorelai (from Gilmore Girls) did the same thing. Their parents were both very rich and lived in a huge house. It also gave me the small-town vibes where people really know and help each other.

This book was definitely a great book to start this Christmas season. I definitely got into the Christmas spirit and it got me excited to decorate for Christmas too. That was actually one of the things I did while reading this book. It was just perfect. I liked the plot twist in this book because I did not see that coming. I was not expecting Drew would have a girlfriend back in Boston. But as soon she made her appearance in this book, I knew she would screw up that relationship because it was obvious Drew and Beth belonged together. Although, I have to admit that Drew should have been honest about his relationship status. I hate when people flirt with other people while they are in a relationship.

I am a big fan of short chapters, it makes reading so much easier. If a book has very long chapters, you would have read the whole chapter before you could put the book down. You just don’t stop in the middle of a chapter. I always read after work/before I go to bed and when the moment comes I start to feel too tired that I have to stop reading. But I always finish the chapter and that is why I like shorter chapters.

This book is just the first book in the Glendale Hall book series and I am sure I will read the other ones in the future too. I want to know what is going to happen next. I believe the other books have different main characters but Beth will be in it too. Hopefully, I will read more about Heather and Rory too.

Glendale Hall books in order:
1. Coming home to Glendale Hall
2. New beginnings at Glendale Hall
3. Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall
4. Always and forever at Glendale Hall
5. Dreams come true at Glendale Hall



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