Ginny and Georgia – Season 1

Title: Ginny and Georgia
Actors: Brianne Howey, Antonia Gentry, Diesel La Torraca
Director: Anya Adams, Catalina Aguilar Mastretta and more
Writers: Briana Belser, Mike Gauyo and more
Genre: Comedy, Drama
My rating: 6.5

Ginny and Georgia

After her husband dies, Georgia and her two kids Ginny and Austin are moving to a new town. They need a fresh start. For Georgia, this apparently means: finding a new rich guy to date. But her kids are hoping that she would stay away from new guys because it always ends with a disaster and they are done with it.


So I thought this was going to be a series like Gilmore Girls, Georgia was going to be the fun 30-year old mom and she was best friends with her kids especially with her 15-year-old daughter Ginny. Okay, she mentioned Gilmore Girls in the first episode but this series was nothing like that. This was actually so much darker than I expected.

Like Georgia is not really Georgia and all of that. She seems so sweet but she just knows how to manipulate everything and get everything she wants. This includes rich man and this time it is the mayor of this new little town they moved to after the husband of Georgia passed away.

This series is also getting a lot of hate, also on their IMDB page, mostly because there is one line about Taylor Swift. I knew this before I started to watch this series and I couldn’t find it. Maybe they deleted that line already or maybe they have changed the (Dutch) subtitles already or maybe I didn’t pay attention. But still, they wrote that line and nobody thought it was going to be a problem. Apparently, none of them watched Taylor Swift’s documentary on Netflix.

And yes, the story is a little bit all of the places and I personally didn’t like Ginny that much. I thought she was just too annoying, but she is a teenager. I just hoped that she was going to be more likable. On the other hand, I loved Georgia. She is really amazing and I just love her sneaky moves and manipulating. But she has a pretty dark past too, that is where it probably came from. She was a single mother at the age of 15.

Overall, I kind of liked it. It is not my favorite series on Netflix, but I think I would watch season 2 of it. I kind of want to see what will happen with Georgia but I bet everything will be all right for her. And I want to know what will happen between Georgia and Joe. Joe definitely likes Georgia.

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