Firefly Lane – Season 1

Title: Firefly Lane
Actors: Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke, Ben Lawson
Director: Fred Gerber, Vanessa Parise and more
Writers: Maggie Friedman, Kristin Hannah and more
Genre: Drama, Romance
My Rating: 9/10

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Firefly lane

Firefly Lane is the story of Tully and Kate who become friends when Tully moves in across the street (firefly lane. Tully is popular and Kate doesn’t have any friends and everyone thinks she is weird. But they still become best friends. Together they help each other through dark times leading up to a tragedy in the present.


Apparently, this series is based on a book written by Kristin Hannah. Netflix is currently doing a lot of book to movie/series adaptions and I like it. Because most of the series/movies are really good. Even though the storyline is sometimes a little bit different in the book.

Tully and Kate basically become friends right after when Tully experiences something terrible (no spoilers) and Kate is there for her. Tully’s home situation is different because her mom is an addict and doesn’t really care about her when she is a teen. This is pretty hard for Tully and she lies to everyone about her mother and tells everyone she has cancer. It is easier than saying your mom is an addict.

I love the friendship between Tully and Kate but sometimes I wondered why Kate was still friends with her. Because sometimes Kate went after her crushes and had sex with them. That is one thing I didn’t like about their friendship. But in the end, they were there for each other. And now many years later, they still help each other. Tully is changing and Kate’s life is also changing.

What I liked the most about this series were the music and the transitions. The transitions between the teen years to their twenties to their thirties/forties were super smooth. There were basically four storylines but it was not confusing at all. I thought they did a pretty great job. This series is great and you want to binge-watch it in one or two days as I did.

But still, in the end, I have so many questions. How is Kate’s husband doing for example and what happened to Kate and Tully’s friendship? I mean we need answers now! I really hope for a season two because I need answers.

Also, it is great to see Katherine Heigl back on the screen. Haven’t seen her in many years.

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