Taylor Swift: Miss Americana


Title: Taylor Swift: Miss Americana
Stars: Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn, Jack Antonoff
Director: Lana Wilson
Genre: Documentary
Length: 1h 25m
My rating: 4/5

You can now watch this documentary about Taylor Swift on Netflix.

About Taylor Swift: Miss Americana

Lana Wilson followed Taylor Swift for her newest documentary: Miss Americana. You older footage from when Taylor was only a teenager until now. You see her life struggles and dilemma’s she has to face. From starving herself because everyone thinks she is too fat to the Kanye West fight. This documentary is about all of the most important moments of her life.
An unique behind the scenes documentary with Taylor Swift.


I am going to be completely honest with you. I’ve never really liked Taylor Swift her songs. It is just not my cup of tea but I was intrigued when I saw the trailer for this documentary. And on a Friday evening, I decided to watch it.

I think it was a great documentary. This docu shows Taylor Swift’s life from when she was 12 or 13 till now. And it also shows how much she grew as a person. In the beginning, she was very focused on the people. People had to like her. I think that was a part of her insecurity. But around the time she had to court (sexual assault), she kind of decided to change her life. First of all, she took a year off and disappeared. And I think that was the moment she changed her mindset from people have to like me to I have to like myself and my music. She looked less insecure to me after the one-year break. She stopped starving herself and she decided to use her voice for politics. 

I remember the young Taylor Swift (when she was around the age of 17) and I really liked her country music but later she switched to more pop music and I stopped liking her music. I have to admit I didn’t like her attitude back then. I had this feeling she was trying too much. But now I know why. She really wanted people to like her and her music. So she became the person they wanted her to be: smiling, not talking about politics and basically being a puppet of the music industry. She is nothing like that anymore.

The reason why I liked this documentary is that it feels real and it doesn’t just show the highlights of her life. It shows she is also human and she has her own problems/things. And now I also know the meaning behind her album Reputation. I’ve never listened to that album, but even if you did, I think you will feel different about the album before watching this documentary. It is all about her changing and speaking up. And especially her new song (only the young) is very powerful. 

And I think I am going to end this review of Miss Americana now and try to listen to Reputation album. If you haven’t watched this documentary yet, please check it out. Even when you are not a Taylor Swift fan.




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