Books I read in September 2021

Can you believe it? It is already October. That means it is time to look back and see what books I read last month. In this blog post, you can find the books I read in September. I didn’t read a lot of books, to be honest. I read one book per week. I blame my phone, TikTok and myself. Even last night when I was really in the mood to read something, I went on TikTok and before I knew it was 1.5 hour later. I hate when that happens. I could’ve read so many pages in that 1.5 hours. But anyway, I still read 4 books and to be honest there wasn’t one book I didn’t like so that is a good thing.

Books I read in September

How to fail at flirting Denise williams

How to fail at flirting –  Denise Williams
The first book was a romance book but this was funny. Naya is not the kind of woman who is in for a one night stand, but her friends kind of her encourage her to do it. But I think they thought she would never do it. But before Naya knows it, she ended up in a hotel room with a really cute guy and then she throws up. Normally a guy would run away and they will never have a second date but Jake is complete. While Naya is still trying to forget her abusive ex-boyfriend, she is trying to fall in love again.

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the midnight library Matt haig

The Midnight Library – Matt Haig
This might be one of my favourites this month. This book made to start thinking about the choices I’ve made in my life. Trust me, that is not something you want to do at 10 pm, but I did. And yes, there are a few things regret not doing it. But this was still a great book. Nora hates her life and she tries to kill herself after a friend of hers found her cat died. She has nothing to live for anymore. But instead of dying, she ends up in a library, her life library. This is the place to find out how your life would have looked like when you made a different choice at some point filled with alternate universes. Will Nora find a perfect life for her? Will she regret taking an overdose?

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the viscount who loved me

The viscount who loved me – Julia Quinn
Anthony decides it is time to get married. At first, his brothers are laughing at him because he is a total rake. But Anthony wants to marry the diamond of the season, Edwina. But soon he also meets her older (half)sister Kate. Everyone thinks Edwina is perfect, but Anthony feels attracted to Kate. Anthony does not want to feel anything for his future wife, because that would complicate everything. Anthony thinks he is going to die very soon because his dad passed away at the age of 37 and his uncle at 34. So it is better to have no feelings at all. But it is really hard to ignore those feelings he has for Kate. This book is the second book of the Bridgerton series and honestly, I think this one is even better than the first one. I enjoyed this story.

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This raging light estelle Laure

This raging light – Estelle Laure
This raging light is the only Young adult I read this month. Lucille and Wren are on their own after their mom went on a vacation, but they have no idea if she will ever come back. Lucille wants to keep this a secret for everyone. So she tries to take care of Wren, goes to school and finds a job to pay the bills. At the same time, she is dealing with her feelings for Digby, the twin brother of her best friend.
After reading this book, I still had so many questions, but I found there is a second book. I am going to read that very soon I think and hopefully, I will get my answers. It was an okay book. It was not bad, but not the best book I’ve ever read.

What books did you read in September?



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