This Raging light – Estelle Laure

Title: This Raging light
Author: Estelle Laure
Publisher: Hachette Children’s Group
Genre: Drama
Pages: 320
My Rating: 7/10

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This Raging Light

Lucille’s mother suddenly went away. She said went on a holiday, but Lucille is not even sure if she will ever come back. Now Lucille has to take care of everything: school, her little sister Wren, paying the bills and just everything. And there is Digby, her best friend twin brother. At first, he is just Digby but something happened and now he is making her feel lightheaded every time he is near.


This book came out in 2016 so more than 5 years ago and I remember I wanted to read it. But you know what happens. You put it on your wishlist and then you forget about it and suddenly it is a few years later and you still haven’t read the book. That is what happened for me at least. This happens quite often because there are so many books I still want to read.

But a while ago I bought the book and finally in the last few days of September I decided to read it. This is a Young Adult book and but I didn’t have the feeling I was too old for this book. Although I don’t agree with the decisions Lucille made, well at least keeping it a secret her mother left. But on the other side, she was doing this because she was afraid they would separate her from her little sister Wren. That part I do understand. It must be so hard for Lucille to take care of everything. She had to grow up fast since her dad lost his mind. After that everything went downhill in her family.

This is one of those books, you can read in just a few hours. It was very easy to read and it took me maybe 3-4 hours to read all 320 pages and most of the time I was distracted by other things. And English is not my native language either. It was well written but I had this feeling it was lacking something. In the end, I thought this is it? I thought their mom would come back or something or someone else called for help. But I just discovered that there is a second book called ‘but then I came back so that is probably the book where their moms return or maybe their dad? I guess I have to read that book now because I want answers.

I also want to know what is going to happen with Lucille’s best friend and her new boyfriend Digby, who is the twin brother of her best friend. I have so many questions, but I guess that is a good thing if you also want people to read the other book.

It was not the greatest Young adult book ever. I’ve read better books about teenagers, who are dealing with things. But I still think this is a good book. And this book shows you should never leave your kids behind because that is just wrong. If you liked books like ‘All the bright places, you might like this one too.



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