Cosy knitwear for Autumn 2021

It is getting colder and colder. Last Sunday it was still 25 degrees here in The Netherlands but suddenly it is 15 degrees and that means it is time to start wearing knitwear again. I recently went to Primark and bought a few nice items, but in case you don’t have the time to go to the store or you just want to order some new cosy knitwear for autumn straight from your couch, I made a list of my favourite items on Shein, H&M and Asos to make it a little bit easier for you.

Cosy knitwear for Autumn

Knitwear 1: 14.99 pound. A very simple but nice black sweater with white stripes.

Knitwear 2: 22.49 pound. A comfy black vest, which looks super comfy.

Knitwear 3: 14.99 pound. This one is also available in different colours but I really like this one.

Knitwear 4: short sweater and similar to the Shein one but with bigger stripes. Also available in different colours.

knitwear 5: Roll neck jumper but also this one looks very comfy.

Knitwear 6: The nerdy look is back and it is time to dress like you are going to school again with this jumper.

knitwear 7: 32 pound. Do you prefer brighter colours in autumn? Than this is the perfect jumper for you.

knitwear 8: 30 pound. This one looks so comfy and oversized. Perfect for when you are really in a cosy mood.

knitwear 9: 25 pound. A nice looking jumper with button details. Don’t they are real buttons but it still looks nice.

knitwear 10: 26 pound, The 90’s look is making it’s comeback and I couldn’t not add something very 90’s to this list.

knitwear 11: 24 pound. I really love this style and I am still looking for something like this jumper. I might ending up buying this one for myself.

knitwear 12: 25 pound, If you have no problem with cold shoulders, this is the one for you. Or maybe you are staying inside all day because it looks a little bit cold to wear when you spend a lot of time outside.



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