12 feel-good series you have to watch

Have you ever noticed that what you watch, can affect your mood? I mean, it is obvious when you are watching the news and something terrible has happened. But the same thing applies to watching series. So I’ve made a list of series that makes me happy. And instead of watching those series that aren’t good for my mental health, I watch one of these feel-good series.

12 feel-good series you have to watch

New Girl
Jess lives in an apartment with three other men and of course, it is hilarious. I still haven’t watched all of the episodes yet, because it is not on Netflix here in the Netherlands anymore. So I really hope that Netflix will put it back on Netflix here, so I can watch the rest of it. This series is just hilarious and awkward (in a good way).

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Kimmy Schmidt has lived underground for several years but now she is free again. Al those years, this man told her and the other girls that the rest of the world is gone. And now she got her freedom back and she ready to explore the world. But she still needs to learn a lot of things, because she doesn’t even know what a smartphone is and what you can do with it. She doesn’t even know what social media is. But luckily her new best friend and roommate Titus is helping her.

I know a lot of people who love this series. I am going, to be honest with you and say that I’ve only seen a few episodes. But I still want to watch all of the episodes though. Luckily for me, Friends is still on Netflix here, so I can still watch it. But I am afraid that I won’t like it and I will think it is overhyped. I have high expectations. But I still decided to add this to this list, because a lot of people love this series.

Gilmore Girls
This is my favourite feel-good series on this list. This series is about a single mother Lorelai and her daughter Rory. A lot of things are happening in Stars Hollow, where they live. I just think that every single character is just perfect. You have Kirk, who has a different job in almost every single episode. Which is hilarious. You have the mayor, who interferes with everything. You can’t do a thing without his permission. And of course, a lot of gossip and coffee. This series has everything you need (humour, romance and a little bit of drama). I think it is pretty cool to see Rory grow up in this series. Even though I don’t agree with all of her choices.

Grace and Frankie
Two older women around the age of 70 find out that their husbands are in love with each other and now they are getting divorced. Grace and Frankie decide to move in with each other and it is so hilarious. Grace and Frankie couldn’t have been more different but together they are the golden combination. When I am older, I want to be like them and have a friendship like theirs.

Sweet Magnolias
Three friends are starting a business together and in the meantime, they go through stuff in their personal lives. One is a single mom, the other is getting divorced and the other one wants to be a mom. Of course, the renovation of the spa is not going according to plan. Just a wonderful series about friendship and love. A recommendation if you also enjoyed Firefly lane.

Virgin River
Because of this series I’ve been dreaming about buying a cabin in the woods. But to be honest, I don’t think that is something for me though. Even though I enjoy spending time in nature. In this series, Mel is trying to leave her past behind and moves to Virgin River. Soon, she finds out that she can escape her past. It is more a drama series, but I still really enjoyed watching this series.

Derry Girls
The other day, I saw someone tweeting about the Derry Girls on Netflix. I’ve had never heard of it, so I thought it was only available in the UK. Then I found out that it is a Netflix original and I can watch it.  The humour was great but sometimes not always great. Why were they still calling James gay? But other than that, the humour was fine. It is about a group of girls who live in Londonderry, in Nothern-Ireland. It is set in the ’90s and the music choice in this series is amazing. Brings back a lot of great memories. Episodes are pretty short (20-30 minutes) and there are just a few episodes per season, but luckily season 3 is coming soon.

Modern Family
I am lucky that this series is still on Netflix and I think I want to rewatch it again. I wished they would still make series like this one and Gilmore Girls. This series is so funny. Gloria and Phil are my favourite characters. Gloria is from Columbia and she is hilarious. Phil is one of those dads, who wants to be a cool dad and does crazy things. I think it is really sad that this show is over now.

This series is not that old, but I already know that the other seasons will be amazing too, just like the first one. Who is Lady Whistledown, who knows everything and share the latest gossip with everyone? And of course, we had Simon Basset in the first season. Unfortunately, he will not be in the second season, because this season (and book) is not focused on Daphne Bridgerton anymore. It is about another member of the family.

Emily in Paris
I love Paris. I think it is a beautiful city and I still want to go back after the pandemic. So I was happy when I read that Netflix produced a series about Paris. It the kind of series you want to watch on a lazy (and rainy) day. Emily lives in the USA but for work, she has to move to Paris for one year. But nobody at her new company wants her there. And when they also notice that Emily can’t speak French, they are done with her. But Emily does not give up that easily and she is still trying to convince them she is talented and knows whats she is doing. At the same time, she becomes friends with one of her neighbours, who is also very good looking.

Dash & Lily
This is the kind of series that you would normally watch during the Christmas season. But I still wanted to put it on this list, because it is so cute and it is definitely a recommendation. The second season is coming out this year around Christmas. And I can’t wait to watch it. It is a series about teenagers, but it doesn’t bother me at all. They are not the annoying kind of teenagers. It is just a cute and feel-good series and well produced.

Which feel-good series is your favourite?



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  1. I’m with you on Friends, Gilmore Girls and New Girl
    I haven’t seen the others, I’ve heard of a few
    I also love Scrubs

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