What the Health?

Title: What the health?
Director: Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn
Genre: Documentary
Length: 1h and 37 min
My Rating: 9/10

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What the health

These days there are many diseases in this world, just a few of them are genetic. But most of the diseases are created by our lifestyle choices. In this documentary, Kip is trying to find out the real reason people get sick these days. Including 3 people who have diseases like diabetes and they are trying to cure it by changing their diet.


I’ve decided to watch more documentaries and this was one of them. After watching Seaspiracy, I knew had to watch this one too since it is made by the same director, Kip Andersen. He makes documentaries about veganism/health.

I like that they decided to pick 3 people with disease and health problems to try a plant-based diet. But I can also understand it is hard to believe the results. One of them didn’t need to take any medicine anymore. Only because of the plant-based diet. But it also sounds so logical to me. There are many vitamins and minerals in fruit and veggies and that is actually what we need. We don’t need the empty calories in ice cream. I understand ice cream is delicious but I also understand it is not the best option. One thing that sounded a little weird to me was that sugar is better than dairy products. But luckily, they also said it is still not a healthy thing to eat. But for your cholesterol is it better to eat sugar than cheese for example.

I also think it is good that they only focused on the health aspect of going vegan. Probably we already know eating a hamburger is not good for the environment. And if you don’t still believe the results, you can also try for yourself. Eating more veggies and fruit is never a bad idea. It won’t hurt anyone. I also saw that there is another vegan documentary called ‘the game changers’, which is completely about athletes. I think I am going to watch that next time.

I eat mostly plant-based and don’t want to push anyone to become a vegan, I think everyone has to make that decision for himself/herself. But I think if you are thinking about going vegan, this is a great documentary to watch. It is so interesting to see how a plant-based life can change your life when you have health issues. Of course, it can take a few weeks or longer before you notice any differences, but I think it is worth it.



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