Virgin River | Season 1

Title: Virgin river
Actors: Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Annette O’toole
Creator: Sue Tenney
Genre: Romance, drama
Length episodes: 40
My rating: 9/10

Virgin river

Mel is trying to leave her old life behind in Los Angeles and she takes a job in the middle of nowhere, a small city called Virgin River. At first, the doctor thinks he doesn’t need any help but he allows her to help him a little.

At the local pub/restaurant she meets Jack. Jack has been through a lot. He has seen terrible things in Mosul and other war places. But because they both went through a lot, they become closer and closer. But is Mel ready for a new relationship?


This is the second time that I’ve watched this series and I love it so much. I think I could watch it over and over because it is just perfect. But this time I also decided to write a review about it because more people need to know about this series.

Mel is a beautiful woman but has been through so many things that she needed a new start. But she never realized she would carry her old life with her. So in Virgin River, she is still struggling with her ‘old problems’. Jack is trying to help her and that is why I love Jack. He is kind to everyone, he trusts people way too easily and he loves to help everyone.

Mel and Jack are becoming more than just friends but Mel isn’t sure if she is ready for that. But Jack gives her time and space. He is kind of the perfect man. Except he went through a lot of terrible things. And you can still see him struggling with that but he is still denying that. I hope we will see him opening up more in season 2. I think he needs help.

Another storyline is between Preacher and Paige. Paige has a huge secret and Preacher found out. This storyline is really intense and I really want to see more of Preacher and Paige in season 2.

And there is Hope. Some people love her, most people don’t. But I have to admit I love her. She is the kind of person in a small town who likes to gossip. She can’t keep a secret. But she is so funny.

This series has everything: excitement, drama, romance, lies, and a lot of gossiping. I honestly can’t wait for season 2, which will come out this year probably. They’ve finished filming back in December, just before the corona crisis.

Have you seen Virgin river?




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