Things you have to do and know before you start a blog

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Starting a blog is very exciting but it also a lot of work. You have to think about several things before you can start. In this blog post, I will name the things you have to do and know before you start a blog. I give you a couple of tips so your blog will look fabulous from the start.


Some people will tell you that you really need a niche. In my opinion, you don’t need to. Of course blogging about beauty and ICT doesn’t go well together. I would recommend two separate blogs for those two niches. But you can combine beauty with a lot of things: lifestyle, personal, etc. I also write about a lot of different things on my blog.


This is very important because your website needs a name so people can remember it. And you have to use it for your URL. Take your time for this step because it is hard to switch to a different website name. It took me a while before I found the perfect name for my blog and now I love it. The name should fit you and your blog. So don’t name your blog ‘Beauty something’ if you are not blogging about beauty. That is very confusing for your readers.

Oh and please always check if the name is also available on social media platforms. Or decide to use your own name on social media as a username so people can still find you easily. Because people will search on your own name OR your blog name.


Are you going for a free WordPress or Blogger website? Or do you want your own domain? That is definitely one of the things you should know when you want to start a blog. Free WordPress and Blogger websites are less professional, but perfect for a hobby. But do you want to start earning money with your blog? Then you should consider your own domain. It looks more professional and it has more options when it comes to themes and plugins. Of course, you can always start with a free WordPress site and switch to your own domain later.


If you go for your own domain, you have more options when it comes to a theme. I used to have those WordPress themes which are free most of the time. But this year I decided it was time for a different theme. I found mine on Etsy and I think that is a great source when you are looking for a beautiful theme that doesn’t cost too much money.

Write a few blog posts

When you start a blog, your blog is pretty much empty. But if you want more views, in the beginning, it is smart to write a couple of blog posts in advance and publish them. Your blog doesn’t look empty when you start and visitors will spend more time on your blog.

Social media

You can connect your blog to your Twitter account, so every time you post something, your Twitter followers will see it too. It saves you a lot of promotion time. When you just published a new post on your blog, promote it also on your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. And make pins for Pinterest so you can attract more views on your blog.



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