Siri, Who am I? – Sam Tschida

Title: Siri, Who am I?
Author: Sam Tschida
Publisher: Quirk Books
Genre: Romance, comedy
Pages: 304
My Rating: 6.5/10

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Siri, who am I?

Mia wakes up with amnesia in the hospital because someone pushed her off the stairs. She has no idea who she is until her phone tells her that her name is Mia. She has no idea where her friends or parents are, where she lives or anything else. But is determined to figure it out, together with Max who she meets at JP’s (Mia’s boyfriend) house. Apparently, JP hired Max as a house sitter.


The cover was screaming: ‘buy me’ and the story sounded very interesting. So bought it. But after finishing this book I am still not sure if I really liked this book or not.

First of all, I think it is weird that the hospital would discharge someone like Mia without any help. She had no idea who she was until her phone told her that her name was Mia. She didn’t know anything at all. So I thought it was weird that she could leave the hospital like that. Luckily, I am not the only one. Max, the other character in this book, thought that was pretty weird too. But even then she never went back to the hospital or doctor for a check-up. Isn’t that what she shouldn’t do? Amnesia is not just a headache or something.

Just like Mia, you are also feeling confused when you read this book. Mia doesn’t know a thing about herself and neither do you. If she finds out something about herself, you will find it out too. This helps to understand her a little bit better.

The writing style is fine and I finished this book pretty fast. The story is build up nicely. But honestly, the ending came out of nowhere. I was expecting a few more chapters to see what Mia was going to do next. This story is about Mia’s amnesia but the book ended as soon as she fixed her love life. While that is just a part of Mia’s story. I was hoping to read a little bit more about Mia. Some things weren’t solved yet. She was being accused of fraud and I want to know if she got her memory back.

So I wasn’t sure what kind of rating I would give this book. A part of me liked this book but there were a couple of things that the writer could have done better. I liked the story and the writing style was good, so I couldn’t give it a rating lower than a 6. I decided to go for a 6.5. I have read better books in the past but I can see the potential

Have you read ‘Siri, Who am I’ yet? Did you like it?

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