Shadow and Bone

Title: Shadow and bone season 1
Actors: Jessie Mei Li, Ben Barnes, Archie Renaux
Director: Mairzee Almas, Lee Toland Krieger and more
Writers: Vanya Asher, Leigh Bardugo and more
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
My Rating: 7/10

Shadow and Bone

Alina and Mal are best friends and Mal has to cross the fault for his job. The vault is extremely dangerous because a lot of people don’t make it to the other side of the vault. But Alina wants to come with him because she can’t let him go alone. Then in the dark (the vault), the monsters (Volcra’s) are attacking the people but suddenly there is a lot of light in the dark. It turns out that Alina is a Grisha and not just an ordinary one, she is a sun summoner. Until then nobody really knew that this kind of Grisha excited.


I’ve read so many stories about this series and of course the books. Everyone seems to love it. So obviously my expectations were extremely high. And I am going, to be honest with you. I thought the first 3 or 4 episodes were really boring and all over the place. It was hard to understand what was going on. I didn’t read the books. It was so boring sometimes that I wanted to stop watching it. I couldn’t understand why everyone was loving it. My whole Twitter timeline was filled with tweets about the series (and books).

But luckily, I didn’t give up and it got better and better. It got more interesting after the first few episodes, probably because of the plot twist. I also saw a lot of people tweeting about the relationship between the darkling and Alina. They couldn’t understand why some people would ship them together. After 3 episodes I was like why not? But after watching all of the episodes, I can understand why. I prefer Mal and Alina too. They are definitely a better couple than Alina and the Darkling.

As I said, it got more interesting after a few episodes. Maybe the first few episodes were too slow-paced for me. I like it when there is a lot of action in series like these. I liked the plot twist a lot and can’t wait to see where this story is going. Should I read the books now to find out? Or am I just going to wait another year for season 2? Maybe at a later point this year I will read the books I think.

The acting was pretty good, the storyline got better after the plot twist (for me) and the special effects are pretty cool too. I have to say that actually, Inej is one of my favourite characters from the series. I like Alina too. I think they are both awesome girls. So this series is definitely worth watching. But hopefully, You will like the first episodes better than I did. I will definitely watch season 2.

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