Things you can do with your mother on Mother’s day

This Sunday is mother’s day in the Netherlands (and also in the USA) and we are still in lockdown. We still can’t do a lot of things. And of course, you can buy your mother a nice gift or flowers. But what if you want to do something completely different this year? I’ve made a list of things you can do with your mother on Mother’s day. And hopefully, you find something you like to do both.

Things you can do with your mother on Mother’s day

Take her out for a walk and end with a great lunch
If the weather is really nice, go out for a long walk in the city and when you both are feeling hungry, find a place where you can eat. During your walk, you have enough time to catch up with your mother and exercising is great for both of you.

Go to a nature reserve where you’ve never been to
Do you both really like to walk, maybe you can find a beautiful nature reserve you’ve never been to (both of you) and walk around and enjoy nature. Spending a day in nature is really great to recharge yourself if you need it. So if your mother needs a break from the corona/busy life, spend a day in nature. You can bring food and have a little picnic outside.

Create a cinema at home 
If it is going to be a rainy day or you both enjoy watching movies, you can always create a cinema at home. Buy pr rent a beamer (they shouldn’t be that expensive) and play your favourite movie. Make sure the whole room is really dark, so close all of the curtains. Buy or make some popcorn and just watch your mum’s favourite movie. 

If you don’t know what movie you want to watch. I have written a lot of movie reviews here on my blog

An online workshop
You can find a lot of workshops online. So if you both like to bake or cook something, find an online workshop for baking or cooking and make something together. Or maybe the two of you just want to try something completely different. Maybe you can find an online workshop for dancing or learning to play a ukelele. These days anything is possible.

Go to the park and have a picnic
Fill a basket with a lot of great snacks, fruit and drinks and go to a park where you can have a picnic. I personally love to spend my time on a sunny at the park. Everyone is so nice and chill. It is the perfect environment to get some fresh air and to relax. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Rent a boat
If it is really a beautiful and sunny day and rent a boat for the two of you or maybe the whole family. Of course, don’t forget to bring food and sunscreen. But spending a few hours on a boat will definitely bring you together.

High tea
If the restaurants are open, go and have a high tea with your mom. But you can also do this at home, Look for some high tea snacks online or on Pinterest and create your own high tea.

Photo shoot with a photographer
Do you want to do something very special? Hire a photographer and have a photo shoot with your mom (and the rest of the family). This can be outside or maybe in a studio. Just ask the photographer if he or she has some ideas. But I think this could be a lot of fun.



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