Second nature – Nora Roberts


Title: Second nature
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Silhouette
Date: March 1st 1993
Genre: Romance
Pages: 220
My Rating: 4/5

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About Second Nature

Lee is a journalist and works for Celebrity magazine. There is one thing she still wants to write about and that is writer Hunter Brown. One small problem, Hunter is hard to find. He never gives an interview and anybody really knows who he is and how he looks like. Lee heard that Hunter is coming to a writer convention and she doesn’t want to leave without an interview. Surprisingly, he is willing to do the interview on one condition.


After reading two bigger books, it was time to pick a book with fewer pages. I decided to go for an older Nora Roberts book. I still have a couple of paperbacks with her older stories on my shelves, that I still have to read. 

And I loved. I started reading it before I went to bed but from the first page, I was hooked. I wanted to more and more. I decided to finish the book the next morning and I did. I couldn’t put it down. Unfortunately, it only has around 200 pages. I really wanted to read more of Hunter and Lee. 

I think this is a nice small book that you can read when you are trying to get out of your reading slump or when you are just not in the mood for a bigger book. 

I can’t believe I already read my third book of this year. If I continue reading at this speed, I will definitely achieve my goal of reading 100 books in one year. Of course, it helps a lot when the books are fun and romantic. I am a sucker for romantic and predictable love stories. And maybe this is one of my favourite Nora Roberts books so far. But I also have to admit that I’ve only read 2 or 3 so far and Nora has written 200+ books. 

What is your favourite Nora Roberts book? Do you have recommendations?



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