Books I read in January 2020

In this series, I show you what books I read last month. This time I am showing you the books I read in January 2020 including the link to the full book review. 

This could change everything – Jill Mansell

This is definitely my favourite one this month. I really love Jill Mansell her books and in my opinion, her books are getting better and better. I picked this book up in December and I really enjoyed it. It was cute, funny, beautiful and romantic. Because of Jill Mansell, I am a hopeless romantic person but I don’t care. A girl can dream, right? I think her books are perfect for summer when you go on holiday.

I also liked a storyline about an older rich woman who helps people. She helps people who are dying but still have one wish/dream. She makes those wishes come true. Which is so beautiful.

All the Missing Girls – Megan Miranda

Before I read this book I had heard so many great stories about this book and that was the reason why I really wanted to read this book. But to be honest I was a little bit disappointed when I started reading. First of all, the story is told backwards and that was so confusing. But I decided to finish this book no matter what. There had to be another reason why this book was so popular right? Well, even the ending was disappointing for me. I was like: this is it? I expected something more and I was waiting for the big moment that never came. So yes, this book was not my cup of tea. But I think I am going to find another book by Megan Miranda to see if I will like that one.

Second nature – Nora Roberts

My mom is a huge Nora Roberts and because of her, I am also reading her books. And I found this book with two short stories in it. The first one was called second nature. It was about a journalist and she wants to interview this mysterious writer. She finally meets him and he takes her camping. They fall in love. I liked this story. It is not my all-time favourite Nora Roberts book but it was all right.

Impulse – Nora Roberts

Impulse was the second story in this book and I didn’t like it at all. I got a me-too vibe from it and I really wanted to put it down. Luckily, this story had only 100 pages. This woman goes on a trip to Greece and she meets this rich guy. And he is basically forcing her to kiss him etc. I wouldn’t recommend this book. 

These two stories are older stories by Nora so I just hope this was a one-time-only thing. Because forcing someone to kiss you is not very romantic. And I am also a little bit sad because basically the only book I really liked was the Jill Mansell one. Hopefully, February will be a better month.

I would also want to mention that I read 50% of Red, White and Royal blue in January. So far I am really enjoying it. But you can expect a full review of it very soon hopefully. 

What books did you read in January?



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