Impulse – Nora Roberts


Title: Impulse
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Thorndike Press
Genre: Romance
Pages: 144
My Rating: 2/5

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About Impulse

Rebecca who lives a normal (and maybe a bit boring) life in America, decides that she is going to sell everything she owns and travel the world. One day she ends up in Greece and she falls in love. Not just with the city/country but also with a guy, named Stephen Nikodemos. But she thinks that she will disappoint him sooner or later because he thinks she likes to travel and enjoy life.


Okay, this is the first book by Nora Roberts that I didn’t like. First of all, this man Stephen was way too pushy. He was really trying too much convincing her on kissing him. It felt a little bit like a me-too moment. Even though, deep down she wanted it too.

But I still wanted to finish it. First of all, because it only had around 100 pages. And second, because it was from a book with two stories by Nora Roberts. And I did like the other one: Second nature.

It was not because Nora Roberts writing style was bad or something. It was more the storyline. There were only two characters (well, three if you include the secretary of Stephen) and I didn’t feel a connection with one of them. Rebecca sold everything and decided to travel the world. I don’t like to travel that much. And Stephen is annoying and pushy. I would avoid guys like that. So no I didn’t enjoy this book and I was glad that this book/story had 100 pages. Otherwise, I would never finish it.




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