This could change everything – Jill Mansell


Title: This could change everything
Author: Jill Mansell
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Genre: romance
Pages: 416
My Rating:  4/5

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About This could change everything

Essie has everything: A job, a boyfriend and she lives in a perfect apartment. But on one night she decides to write an email and she wrote a couple of things about her boyfriend’s family. Then she goes to bed. The next morning she gets a text from her friend. Apparently someone sent the actual email. Essie never meant to send that email. It was a joke between her and her best friend. Now she is going to lose everything.


The last couple of years I’ve read most of the books by Jill Mansell and I have to admit that every new book is getting better and better. I love when one of my favourite authors improves herself and her writing. So yes, this was probably one of my favourite books of Jill so far. I really enjoyed it. I remember when I was reading her older books, there was always a storyline I didn’t like. But not in this book.

I loved the story about Zillah, who is 80+ years old but she still loves to help people who will die soon. There are people who have a last wish before they die and Zillah wants to organise the best day of their lives. I was kind of surprised to read about a Dutch foundation (Stichting Wens) where a group of people who does the same in the Netherlands. I had no idea that people outside my country who have heard of this foundation too. 

And I loved how the relationship between Essie and Lucas developed. Essie thought that Lucas was the bad guy and that he had sent the email to everyone, which ruined her whole life. But when she finds who really did it, they became friends. Lucas relationship (before Essie) was a little predictable but who cares? All you want, when you a book like this is a happy ending.

So this was already my second book of 2020, but I think this is going to be one of my favourites this year. And all I can hope is that Jill Mansell will write more books soon. And btw, I really love the covers of Jill Mansell’s book here in the Netherlands. They are so pretty.

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