Outer Banks – Season 2


Title: Outer banks season 2
Actors: Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline and more
Directors: Valerie Weiss, Sunny Hodge and more
Writers: Shannon Burke, Jonas Pate and more
Genre: Action, Crime
My Rating: 9/10

WARNING: this review contains spoilers

Outer Banks

In the first season of Outer banks, we could see the five friends trying to find the could and in the end they found it. But Sarah’s father is smart and gets all of the gold out of the well and wants to hide it on the Bahama’s. We could also see that everyone thought John B and Sarah died while they were chased by the police on the water.
But John B and Sarah are still alive and they want to let their friends know that they are in the Bahamas, exactly where the gold is too. They try to steal it but it is not easy. Eventually, John B and Sarah end up in Charleston where they find the rest of the group, who were there for something else.
Later (back at home) they also found out that there is a huge golden cross hidden somewhere and the group find it but again Sarah’s family is too smart again.


I thought that season one was pretty good, but honestly, I think season 2 is even better. Yes, it was sort of copy-paste of season 1. The five friends find out about the golden cross and they found it too. But again, it was Sarah’s family who got the cross home. But I still enjoyed watching this season a lot. It was full of surprises somehow. And I couldn’t stop watching. One thing I want to say is that it can be predictable because after one season you know how they work and that everything will be all right. But my opinion is not to think while watching this series, just watch and enjoy. Don’t try to predict what is going to happen. I mean, most series are getting predictable after one season. Especially if they have the same director and/or writers.

Sarah’s brother Rafe was already a terrible guy in the first season. I mean, he shot someone. But he got worse in the second season. He actually likes to kill people if he doesn’t like them. But I guess it runs in the family. Sarah’s dad is also a very crazy man and it turns out that the stepmother is also pretty crazy. And they get worse every single episode. I was shocked.

And they also introduced a new friend, Cléo. I immediately knew she was going to be a part of the whole group because the writers introduced her and we got to know her a little. Then she went somewhere else, but in the end, they are together again. A lot of coincidences in this series but this is what I wanted. I also saw three couples. JJ and Kiara, John B and Sarah and Pope and Cléo.

This season was pretty fast-paced, there was not a single boring moment. This is exactly what I like. If it gets boring, I like to skip certain parts. But this season was very interesting.
Sure, the kids are making some stupid mistakes and choices. They just could stay out of it, but where is the fun in that? I honestly liked it. I can understand that some people won’t like that. But every teenager makes stupid mistakes, even I did it.

It is the perfect series if you like action, drama and teenagers who get in trouble all the time. The setting is great too. I wish I lived there, or at least in summer. Yes, the teenagers look like they are 30 and yes John B is (almost) 30 in real life. But still, I like him for this role. I honestly liked it and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen in season 3.



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