Bye July, Hello August

Hello August! I can’t believe it is August already. How is that even possible? July was really a month with ups and downs. Instead of two weeks off from work, I only got 5 days off. But I can still take a few days off later this year. I am now fully vaccinated, which is great. I started a new daily routine because I wanted to change a few things about myself. Unfortunately, I am experiencing a lot of downs with that too. I guess change is harder than I thought it would be.

But I guess that is just a part of life. I constantly feel I am behind in life. Everyone is getting married, getting kids and they are successful in everything they do. The other day I watched Naomi Osaka’s blog post and I realized everyone feels that. No matter how ‘successful you are. I guess it is our society that teaches us that we always have to do more and be better. Which is obviously impossible. I also heard from older people (who are 40+) that they are still figuring out who they are. There is no timeline for life. You have to take step by step and stop overthinking everything so much.

And I guess I am the one who puts that kind of pressure on myself. I want to succeed in every single area of my life but it feels like I am failing in every area. Sounds depressing, but it is okay. I am trying to accept it. It is okay that I am not where I want to be.

Anyway, it is the start of a new month and it feels like a new beginning. And every month I like to make plans for the month. So below you can find the things I want to do this month.


Things I want to do in August

– Start a monthly book club
I’ve thought about starting a ‘book club’ for a while now but I never knew how to do it. But I think I have an idea. It is not like your typical book club. I want to film every month a video with the 5 books I want to read in the next month and at the end of the month, I film another video with my book reviews. And in the comment section, we can discuss the books. I can always decide to start a Facebook page where we can discuss the books too.

– Bring blog and YouTube to the next level
There are a few things that I can still do to grow my blog and YouTube channel. I can do more internal and external linking for and on my blog. I want to focus on SEO for my YouTube videos and I want to start making pins for my blog posts. Hopefully, I will see some results very soon. This month I already started to create more content for all of my platforms.

– Feeling elevated emotions
And I am going to focus on feeling elevated feelings. Most of the time I feel irritated or just average. I have this feeling that I never can feel truly happy. So that is another thing I want to work on this month. I know I don’t have to feel happy 24/7, but even when something cool happens, I am not feeling it. So Law of Attraction is also on the planning for August

Other things I want to do in August:
– Finish all of the books I wanted to read this month
– Redecorate my studio
– Growing new plants (succulents)
– Improve my English
– Start writing on Wattpad (?)
– Baking



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