Movies and series I’ve watched in May 2022

May is officially and it was a good month full of little happy moments. I also watched 3 things this month on Netflix. I’ve watched two movies and one series. Compared to how much I used to watch, it is barely anything. But these days I am very picky when it comes to the things I want to watch. Although, I think I might watch more Netflix in June because I saw a few great things coming to Netflix that I would love to see. But for now, I am just sharing the movies and series I’ve watched in May

Movies and series I’ve watched in May

Senior Year

This was the movie I was looking forward to this May. I watch less and less Netflix, because I only want to watch funny and feel-good series and movies. Senior is about Stephanie and she is 17 years old. She moved from Australia to the U.S. and she was not popular when she arrived. But eventually she becomes the popular kid in school and she is the cheer captain. But she gets into a cheerleading accident and is in a coma for 20 years. Suddenly she wakes up and wants to do all of the things she wanted to do when she wanted as a 17-year-old kid including finishing high school. 

The movie was alright. My expectations were just higher. A lot of weird sex jokes. Just one sex joke is fine, but not non-stop. That was really bothering me. The music in this movie was incredible though. It brings back all of the good memories of the early 2000s

A perfect pairing

This was one of the Netflix original movies I definitely enjoyed watching it. It is about Lola who hated her boss, but loves her job. But one day her colleague steals her idea/pitch and her boss is okay with that and that is the day Lola quits. She tries to find a way to contact the owner of Vaughn Family wines, she wants to import the wine. Lola ends up at the sheep farm to prove the owner that she is willing to do anything. At the sheep farm, she meets Adam. They fall in love, but he is keeping a secret. 
This was the perfect feel-good movie I needed and it was amazing! I loved all of the actors, they were all amazing! I can definitely recommend this movie. 

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Stranger Things season 4a

I wasn’t sure if I still wanted to watch Stranger Things this time. In the beginning, I made a commitment and said I only wanted to watch feel-good movies and series. But although Stranger Things can be a bit creepy and spooky, I still like the vibes of it. This time it is Vecna they are dealing with. But Eleven/Jane lives now somewhere else while most of the people still live in Hawkins. They think they are safe until Chrissy dies and Eddie was there and describes the whole situation and that is when the kids know it isn’t over yet. Vecna is still here killing other kids.

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