A perfect pairing – Netflix movie review

Title: A perfect pairing
Actors: Adam Demos, Victoria Justice
Director: Stuart McDonald
Writers: Hilary Galanoy, Elizabeth Hackett
Genre: Romance
My rating: 8/10

A perfect pairing

Lola works at a wine company but hates her boss. He is very mean and thinks he is amazing. But she quits when her friend and colleague Audra steals her idea/pitch. She can’t work for this company any longer. She wanted to get the Australian wine brand Family Vaughn Wines to California, but Audra stole the idea and had an appointment in 4 weeks. Getting an appointment with the owner *Hazel) of the Vaughn wine brand is difficult, but she finds out she is staying at a house on a sheep farm in the middle of nowhere. Lola decides to rent the Airbnb but starts working at the sheep farm to convince Hazel Vaughn.


I think this is only the second time I watched Netflix this month, which is crazy. I went from Netflix addicted to not caring anymore. But I wanted to watch a movie and then I found this one. This looked like the kind of movie I would enjoy. And one of the main characters is played by Victoria Justice and I like her as an actress.

And yes, this movie was everything I expected it to be. The chemistry between the main characters Max and Lola was amazing. The whole movie was super cute and just great. I know Adam Demos (who plays the role of Max) because of the other Netflix movie called ‘Falling Inn Love’ but I think I prefer this one. The actors did a great job. I also loved the other women who were staying in the same cabin as Lola. Their vibes are just great and that made the characters very likeable.

This kind of movie might never win awards or something, but I honestly don’t care. I love watching these kinds of movies because they make me feel good and that is what I want from a movie. I don’t want to be scared or have other kinds of (so-called) negative emotions. I have to say some of the Netflix romance movies are giving the Hallmark movie vibes and maybe this one did too, but the acting was a lot better. I like to watch Hallmark movies, but sometimes the acting is just terrible. But not in this movie. I did not expect anything bad because it has Victoria Justice and I think she is an incredible actress. But overall, the whole cast was great!

There was one scene that looked fake though. That was when Max and Lola were watching the sunset. When they did a close-up, the background (the pink sky) looked so fake. I think they filmed that little part in a studio. That is the only thing I did not like about this movie.
And maybe this movie is romanticizing life on a (sheep) farm in Australia, but this movie almost convinced me to go work there. But I think I would regret it because I am expecting the same love story as Lola and Max in this movie. So for now, I am staying in The Netherlands.

Do you like romance movies that take place in Australia, watch this one. It was a beautiful romance movie that will make you feel good. And if someone from Netflix is reading this, I need more romance movies on Netflix!



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