Books I read in May 2022

Another month passed by and I read some great books this month. Last month I said I wanted to read more, but I failed somehow. But that is fine. Reading is not a competition, reading should be fun. This month I read one stand-alone roman and one book series written by Jenny Han. These are the books I read in May and let me know what books you read in May.

Books I read in May 2022

The cheat sheet – Sarah Adams

The first book I read was a great one. I really loved this book! The cheat sheet is about Bree who is secretly in love with her best friend Nathan. But she does not want to tell him she likes him because she is afraid he is not feeling the same way about her, which will ruin their friendship. But Nathan actually feels the same way about her. 
This was one of the best books I read this year. The writing style is great, the story is amazing, the characters are very likeable and I love a good friend to lovers story.

The summer I turned pretty – Jenny Han

This is the first book in the ‘The summer I turned pretty’ book series. I bought the whole series immediately when I found out this will be a series on Prime (Amazon) very soon. I loved the ‘To all the boys I’ve loved before’ by Jenny Han and I assumed that I would like this one too. But after reading I am not sure yet, I think I have to read the rest of the series before I can give my honest opinion. The first book is about Belly who spends her summers with her brother Steven, her mom, Suzannah, Conrad and Jeremiah. She always had a crush on Conrad, her first kiss was Jeremiah and she basically has no idea who she wants to date.

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It’s not summer without you – Jenny Han

I liked the second book better than the first one. This book is about Belly and she just broke up with Conrad in an awful way after Suzzanah’s funeral. Then one morning Jeremiah calls her up to tell her that Conrad is missing. They finally find him at the beach house and find the real reason why he is there and why he is upset. There is still a lot of drama, but I think this book was better than the first one. In the first book, not many things happened in my opinion and in the second book we had Suzannah’s funeral, the break-up and Conrad missing. I am actually starting to like this series. It’s not my favourite series ever, but it is growing on me.

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We’ll always have summer – Jenny Han

This is the third book in the summer I turned pretty written by Jenny Han and in my opinion, this was the best book. And the ending made me happy. This book also contains a lot of teenage drama because Jeremiah and Belly have been dating for two years now and after a fight, Jeremiah asks Belly to marry him. Everyone else thinks it is way too early and they are not supporting the wedding. And there is Conrad, he is still secretly in love with the girl of his dreams: Belly. But he is afraid to tell her that. And he doesn’t want to ruin Belly’s relationship with Jeremiah either. 
A lot of drama but I am happy with how this series ended. At first, I thought there was just too much drama because Belly couldn’t pick one guy. She liked them both. That was a bit annoying. But overall, I am happy with who she ended up with.

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