Happy little moments of May 2022

Can you believe it is already June again? Time flies when you are having fun. May was the month of celebrating my own birthday, but other also other birthdays. I started to think about my plans for this summer.  Although I don’t have specific plans yet, I already made a list of all the books I want to read this summer. I made a few changes in my life and I was still working on my mindset, which can be pretty challenging. But May was a good month filled with happy little months.

Happy little moments of May

  • It is getting warmer. After a few cold weeks in April, the temperature is higher now. We went from 10 degrees in April to 20+ in May.
  • Found a few great things at the thrift store. I found a few great tips and jeans. I also found the perfect cargo pants for only 6 euros and normally a new pant from the same brand is around 100 euro. You can here watch the thrift haul video.
  • Got my first birthday gift a week early. My first gift was two strawberry plants. I love strawberries so I am definitely happy with this.
  • Turning 30. It was my birthday, I made a cake and ate it. It was a good day.
  • Got many great birthday gifts. I got many plants and gift cards, which means I can go shopping soon and also buy new e-books!
  • Reset day. The day after my birthday I decided to do a reset day. That is a day where you can get your life together. I had to clean the whole house, do a few things for my business and do some other random things. I got a lot of things done that day. It helped I barely spent any time on my phone.
  • A new season of Stranger Things. I wasn’t sure if I still wanted to watch Season 4a of Stranger Things, but I knew I wanted to see the rest after watching just one episode. And this season has a lot of long episodes too.
  • 1KG of kiwi that was super cheap. I love Kiwis but sometimes they can be expensive and now there was a huge discount. 
  • Working with Taylor Swift Folklore album on in the background. In my opinion, one of the best albums you can listen to while you are working.

    And now it is time for a new month, new chances and awesome plans. For June, I hope I will end my addiction to social media (it is already getting better). I would like to grow my TikTok account too. I am also going to step out of my comfort zone. There is one place I’ve been avoiding because I was afraid of getting a panic attack. But now I am going to try it again after such a long time. 

    Photo by Trnava University on Unsplash



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