Fun things to do on valentines in quarantine (For singles and couples)

Valentine’s day is going to be a little bit different since most of us are sitting at home. Here in the Netherlands, everything is closed, so we also can’t go anywhere on Valentine’s day. But what can you do on valentine’s day at home? I made two lists (for singles and couples) with fun things to do on valentines in quarantine

Fun things to do on valentines in quarantine

For Singles

Movie night with friends: Call your friends for a movie day/night. And if you are not in the mood for romantic movies, you always watch horror movies together. Maybe you want to watch all of the ‘To all the boys I’ve loved before’ movies since the last movie called ‘Forever and always‘ comes out on February 12th.
Beauty/spa day: Take care of your body and take a long hot bath, use face masks, hair masks, and all of that. Just do whatever you want.
Read romantic books: Are you single, but still in the mood for some romance and you also like to read? Find a romance book and go read it all day long.
Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast: Who says you can’t treat yourself with a delicious breakfast on valentine’s day? Make your favorite breakfast and just enjoy it. Take all the time you need. It is Sunday.
Take a hike: Do you need to move your body a little bit because you’ve been watching romantic movies all day long. Go out for a hike. You can go alone or you can call a friend.

For couples

Date night at home: Maybe you can’t go to the restaurant, so create a restaurant at home. Use some candles and make restaurant-worthy food.
Make a pizza together (from scratch): My favorite things are eating pizza and making cooking/baking. So if you like pizza too, make pizza together. It is fun and pizza is always good right?
Watch movies together: Pick a movie on Netflix and watch it together. Don’t forget to buy the popcorn
Take a hike: During the day you both can go to the woods and just enjoy nature together. And if it’s cold, you can always drink a hot chocolate drink when you are home again.
Make breakfast for your partner: Be romantic and wake up a little bit earlier for your partner and maybe the perfect breakfast with croissants and strawberries or whatever your partner likes.
Give each other gifts: Buy your partner a gift



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