Evvie Drake starts over – Linda Holmes

Title: Evvie Drake starts over
Author: Linda Holmes
Genre: Romance, Drama
Pages: 304
My Rating: 8/10

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Evvie Drake starts over

Evvie lost her husband a year ago and everyone is feeling sorry for her. But nobody knows that she isn’t grieving about his death. She was about to leave him when she got the news. Dean is a professional baseball player, but lately, he is not doing well and he takes a year off to find out what he really wants.


A while ago I bought several new romance books because it is my favourite genre and of course because it is almost summer. I can already see myself sitting in the shadow reading these e-books. But this book was one of the books I bought. I like to try books from authors I’ve never heard of. Because that is exactly how I found one of my favourite authors Jo Watson. Maybe this way I can find more authors I like.

This story is beautiful but also a little bit heartbreaking. Evvie pretends she is grieving because she lost her husband. But she was actually about to leave him the day he died. Their marriage wasn’t perfect and Tim was abusing her emotionally but she is afraid to tell anyone. But when she decides to rent the rest of the apartment to Dean, she tells him right away about her dead husband. Apparently, she trusts him.

I enjoyed reading this book and I couldn’t find other books written by Linda on Bookdepository, but I kind of hope she will write more. Because I did like this book! I like her writing style. And the cover is cute too.

I also liked that the story was not slow-paced. Sometimes I am too impatient to find out what is going to happen. Linda goes straight to the point and doesn’t add too many (useless) details. I like that! If you are looking for a book with detailed sex scenes, I have to disappoint you. The sexy scenes are not very detailed. But that means this book is also a great book for minors maybe?

Honestly, I can’t think of one thing I didn’t like. Normally, I write those things immediately down but this time I didn’t. But that means it is a good book with a happy ending.

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