Blue Miracle | Movie review

Title: Blue miracle
Actors: Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Dennis Quaid, Bruce McGill
Director: Julio Quintana
Writers: Chris Dowling, Julio Quintana
Genre: Biography, Drama, Adventure
My Rating: 7.5/10

Blue Miracle

Omar is the owner of Casa Hogar and he takes care of orphan boys he found on the street. But since he and his wife are taking care of the kids 24/7, he has no other job. But at the same time, they are losing sponsors and now he needs more than 100K to pay off his debt. Then there is an opportunity to win a fishing competition.


I saw the short trailer of this movie and I knew it was about Omar who takes care of a lot of young boys he found on the street. But I had no idea it was about a fishing competition too. I don’t like fishing or eating fish. Normally, you would think that this movie wouldn’t be interesting for me because I don’t like fishing. But this was different. This movie was actually pretty good.

First of all, the movie is not too long. Last week I’ve watched ‘Army of the dead‘ and that movie was way too long. But there are more Netflix movies that are just too long. I liked the character development. Almost every single person is a different kind of person at the end of the movie. They learned from each other while they were stuck with each other on a boat in the open sea. Even the snobby Captain Wade, who is lives on a boat while his wife and son are in Dallas. He hasn’t seen them in 5 years.

But what I liked the most is that this movie is based on a true story and I think that makes this movie extra special. I also think it has a great message: believe that everything is going to be okay. You don’t have to believe in a God for that. You can believe in the Universe (Law of Attraction) or just simply believe in yourself.

I would definitely recommend this movie. I had no expectations for this movie, but it is actually a great movie. It is heartwarming, beautiful and this movie gives you a feel-good feeling. And you can watch this with the whole family because it is family-friendly.



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