40 Self-care activities you can do in less than 30 minutes

Are you always busy but you also want to make time for yourself? Do not worry! These are 40 self-care activities you can do in less than 30 minutes. Because you deserve to get some time for yourself. You don’t have to be busy all the time. It is also important to take care of your (mental) health too. So make time for yourself every single day or at least once a week and just enjoy.

40 Self-care activities you can do in less than 30 minutes

1. Paint your nails. Pick your favourite colour and paint it!
2. Enjoy the beautiful weather and sit outside. Before you know it, it is winter again.
3. Go for a short walk. Get some fresh air.
4. Make a cup of tea or coffee. Sit down and just enjoy it.
5. Meditation. Practice makes perfect and this can help to clear your mind.
6. Take a shower or bath and use your favourite bath bomb or beauty products. Use lavender products if you are having a hard time falling asleep.
7. Make a super delicious lunch for yourself. Make your favourite meal!
8. Go get ice cream or something else you like. Definitely would recommend this.
9. Journaling. Write down all of your thoughts and feelings.
10. Make a gratitude list. There is always something to be grateful for. No matter how small.

11. Give yourself a massage (or ask someone) or just use a foam roller. It feels so good!
12. Stretch or do yoga. There are tons of yoga videos on Youtube that can help you,
13. Do a workout. Exercising is great for your mental health and psychical health.
14. Use a face mask. Your skin will love it and it will feel so soft.
15. Watch an upbeat YouTube video. Maybe it is a vlog or maybe you want to watch a TED-Talk
16. Listen and dance to your favourite songs. Let’s Rock and Roll!!
17. write down the things you like about yourself. Because you are beautiful and this is a great activity if you are trying to love yourself.
18. Sleep longer. Make sure you get enough sleep every night. It is so important for your (mental) health.
19. Listen to an inspiring podcast. These days there is so many podcast. I believe you can find one you will like.
20. Read a book. Just read a few pages of the book you are currently reading. Or maybe read a chapter of a self-development book.

21. Take care of your plants. Happy plants = Happy you
22. Talk to someone. Sometimes it feels good to talk about your problems.
23. Buy yourself flowers or a new plant. Because you deserve it
24. Bake something. I would recommend brownies.
25. Cuddle with your pet. Your brain will release endorphins which will make you (and your pet) feel good
26. Take a 30-minute nap. You can feel like a whole new person after a nap.
27. Watch an episode of Grace and Frankie. Very short episodes and so much fun to watch.
28. Read your favourite blogs. It is better than watching the news.
29. Take time to learn something new. Maybe a new language or maybe you want to learn how to play a ukelele. Now is the time to start something new.
30. Have breakfast in bed. And if you live alone, make your own breakfast and go back to bed.

31. Find new inspiration on Pinterest or maybe even TikTok
32. Clean something. Some people like to clean because it gives a good feeling
33. Buy something for yourself. Don’t recommend doing this weekly, but you can treat yourself now and then. Buy yourself a new shirt or beauty products.
34. Play a game on your phone. Maybe you like to play Candy Crush?
35. Make a to-do list. This helps when you feel overwhelmed.
36. Make a list of your goals and hang it somewhere you can see it every day. This will help you to stay focused.
37. Use affirmations. And do this every single morning or evening before you go to bed. It can feel weird at the beginning, but eventually, you start believing it.
38. Mini-makeover. Give one of your rooms a make-over with new pillows and candles or a plant.
39. Organize. When I organize everything, I feel so much better.
40. Do whatever you want. Do you want to do something that is not on this list? Do it! Self-care is all about you and making you feel good.

What are your favourite self-care activities?

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