Spoiler Alert – Olivia Dade

Title: Spoiler Alert
Author: Olivia Dade
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Genre: Romance,
Pages: 416
My Rating: 6/10

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Spoiler Alert

Marcus is the star of one of the biggest show on TV but he also has a huge secret. He is a fanfiction writer because he doesn’t agree with how the storyline of his TV show is going. So he decides to rewrite it.
April is a huge fan of the show and the actor. April also writes fan fiction about the same TV show and now she can finally tell it to the rest of the world because she is leaving her old job. One day her photo goes viral and after another fan insulted her, Marcus takes April on a date.


A few years ago I read a book about fan fiction. That book was ‘Fan Girl’ by Rainbow Rowell. To be honest, I didn’t like that book. This is another book about fan fiction and after this book, I am 100% sure that reading romance books about people writing fan fiction are not my thing.

Just like Fan Girl, this book also included parts of the fanfiction the protagonist was writing, but honestly, I skipped most of those parts because it was not my thing. I know a lot of people like fan fiction but I do not. I think I found this out while reading this book. So, the good thing is that I’ve learned something about myself.

I never say that an author or a certain book is bad because even though I didn’t like it because there will be a lot of people who will enjoy this book. I know that for sure because I saw so many people talking about this book on Instagram. You just can’t like every book. So what I am going to say next, is just my opinion.

I didn’t like this book. Mostly because of the fanfiction storyline. If I had known that I don’t like fanfiction I would have never read it. I was also missing that spark, that I would normally get from romance books. And there is a lot of sex too. I think I was missing that spark mostly because I had nothing in common with Marcus or April. They are both very into writing fanfiction.

But there were a few parts I liked and that was mostly the reason why I kept reading. I liked the beginning because I love the first stage of dating and relationships. And I also liked the ending. I think this book is THE book for you if you like fandoms and fanfictions. If you are just like me and you don’t like fandoms and fan fictions, I think you should skip this book.

And even though this wasn’t my favourite book so far this year, I will try another book written by Olivia Dade in the future. Just to find out if I will like her other books.

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