Breaking the habit of being yourself – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Title: Breaking the habit of being yourself
Author: Dr. Joe Dispenza
Publisher: Hay House UK
Genre: Self-improvement
Pages: 368
My rating: 8.5/10

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Breaking the habit of being yourself

Do you think your life sucks at the moment? Are you expecting great things to happen but nothing really happens. Don’t worry! There is a way to change yourself. Because this book explains how you can change the way you think, act and feel, and manifest great things into your life. If you are staying the same person, you will get the same results. If you change, you can expect different results.


I bought this book last year when I was in the mood to read more self-improvement books. At the beginning of 2021, I decided I was going to read one chapter every single morning. In my opinion, you never should read more in a short amount of time. Self-improvement books are there for you to help you and when you really take the time to read the book you will learn from it and take action. And this book also includes a guide on how you can change your mind and your life and it is really recommended to take at least one week for every step he explains in this book.

This book is all about how you can change yourself and your life but it is not easy. It will get easier if you do it every single day. For example, if you always feel frustrated at work or maybe anxious, it takes effort to change that. You just can’t sit and wait until your life gets better.

Most of us are waiting for something amazing (like a new job, house, or partner) to happen before we allow ourselves to be happy. But if you start feeling happy first, your life will change. Life will be less stressful and easier.

Another thing Dispenza mentioned in this book was that you can learn anything just by visualizing it. That is amazing. There were like 3 groups: group one had to learn to play the piano, group 2 had to learn how to play the piano by visualizing it and the third group did nothing. And the results showed that group 2 could play the piano almost as well as the first group. But this doesn’t only apply to playing an instrument, it applies to everything! Do you want to change your job? Visualize and see yourself in your new job. Do you want to find a partner? Visualize it. And of course, eventually, you change yourself and you will get the thing you were asking for. You become someone else.

Your life will change no matter what if you follow his instruction. Maybe the external world will change, but something that will definitely change is your internal world. You feel less stressed, you will have more focus and your mind is less chaotic.

Because you can not expect a different outcome if you do the exact same thing over and over. You have to change yourself or do something else to get a different outcome.

This is a really great book if you are feeling stuck and you want to change your life because it is possible! Breaking the habit of being yourself is one of the best self-improvement books I’ve read so far.



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